The Everyday Hell Of It All - The Rolling Horror Thread 2021

Still watching this. There’s an episode set in early 1970’s Birmingham. I really wasn’t expecting this. Great stuff.


This looks interesting :thinking:

Not currently on iPlayer but looks like it has been previously…

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Watched last night, Till Death…

This stars Megan Fox who I don’t think I’ve seen in anything except the first Transformers film - evidently not the best vehicle to judge her on as she is pretty good in this, appearing in virtually every scene. She plays a woman trapped in a loveless marriage who is placed in a very basic/non-Saw trap situation by her evil husband. This has a minimalist cast and small number of settings, and works very well within its confines. Story takes a couple of nice turns along the way with a pleasing finale. The cat and mouse tale plays out with some good jump scares and sparing moments of gore. Entertaining 85 minutes. 7/10


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surprised you’d not seen Jennifer’s Body

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Have you seen Jennifer’s Body? She’s very good in that.

Wot you aint seen Jennifer’s Body?!

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Le Jenniferoi? Never heard of it…


Jennifer’s Body is an excellent example of a film being panned on release but got a critical re-appraisal because people start taking women’s/ LGBT people’s views on film seriously. See also: But I’m A Cheerleader.


watched a couple today on Shudder

They’re Inside - a amateur film crew go to an isolated cabin where they are terrorized by neighbours. Pretty below average found footage that somehow manages to be a bit confusing from a muddled structure. Wouldn’t bother

Dark Skies - quite fancied a Hollywood made horror and knew nothing of this. I liked it. It’s a good exercise in building the tension and has a good final act. It’s got quite sniffy reviews but it does exactly what it needs to do and does it well, better than expected

That shit? I’ll take your word for it. I saw poor reviews but am a sucker for found footage films which it is apparently?

So am I but I found this completely derivative and quite pointless. Just follows every trope going and when it tries to do something on its own (mainly flashback scenes) its jarring and confusing. Does have quite a good bleak ending tbf but I wouldnt rush to see it

Dark Skies is pretty decent isn’t it? Watched a couple of years ago and I was a bit reserved going in thinking it wouldn’t be that great but I was presently surprised with how much I enjoyed it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not seen They’re Inside and probably won’t bother tbf, will also take your word for this (poorly done found footage is awful…but well done is great imo).

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Yeah I had it in my mind it was like an Insidious/Conjuring thing but I thought it did a good job of not revealing or showing too much and building the mystery until the pay off. I also liked how bleak the ending to this was too, made it feel more realistic (well as realistic as can be!)

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Just posted briefly in the films watched thread but Old is absolutely bonkers in a good way. Full of plot holes and the central premise doesnt work, loved it


Just saw it too :smiley::+1:

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What did you think? It is so full of holes but the actual reasoning made sense and I loved how it was some shitty B movie for 2021. Its certainly a ride

Yeah the TV & I both had similar views, good fun overall. Had a few properly scary bits too!

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Yeah the scene in the tunnel where the kids kept lighting a match and Crystal was distorting even more was really well done

I did like how the camera was used, a lot of almost Haneke like tracking shots

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Really enjoyed Poly Styrene: I am A Cliche. It must’ve been so hard for her daughter to make


Watched Satanic Panic (2019) on Shudder at the weekend.

It was not what I expected. (I was expecting it to be about the satanic panic in the US in the '80’s). It was however a pretty fun, horror with comedic elements and didn’t seem to take itself too seriously. Some pretty cool imagery and costumes, and the acting was alright! Didn’t go on for too long either, so wasn’t dragged out at any point unnecessarily - reasonably fast paced (but not overly so).

Nothing ground-breaking or thought provoking, but, for a fun weekend horror to watch with a couple of beers it did the job nicely.