The Expanse (Books & TV - use spoiler tags)

Might edit to make this a spoiler free-for-all depending on response but the thing is: I think more people should watch/read The Expanse who maybe haven’t considered it.

I have read all 9 books (I have the short story anthology to read after I’m finished Moon Witch, Spider King) and we’ve just started in on Season 6 of the show.

The TV series is generally more serious than the Books although by book 4 / season 4 they’ve pretty much reached a parity.

I first encountered the show after thinking how great it would be if someone made a hard sci-fi film with someone like Chad Coleman, specifically because I felt like his character of Cutty in The Wire had the sort of energy that would bring a lot to a film. Lo and behold I discovered there already were two seasons of a hard sci-fi show starring Chad Coleman (albeit not in a lead role).

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Have seen comments that Dominique Tipper is a poor actor but I think if you watch Season 5 and still think that you’re lost :smiley:

I reckon the problem is how often her dialogue is full of science exposition. It’s really tough to try to convey a lot of character when you’re spouting stuff the audience doesn’t really understand that’s also meant to tell the audience your character is a genius techie.

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