The Fall / Mark E Smith

Riley tweeted this set recently, surprisingly good quality compared to some of the inaudible shite that’s been released by random labels over the years. Pretty cool that he’s got Castle Face to put it out.

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Looks interesting:


Pre-ordered a copy of this through Rough Trade and completely forgot about it until now. Looking forward to it arriving. Think it comes with some sort of print.

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The latest Uncut “Ultimate Music Guide” this month is on The Fall, got a copy last week and it looks pretty good.


I bought this. It’s a bit disappointing how they whizz through 20 years of the latter albums in a few pages when every album prior is given a two page breakdown.
They handwave this as ‘varying quality’ but then in the breakdown they clearly rate some of these albums (given a couple of paragraphs) higher than the two page ones. It’s good but it just feels they couldn’t be bothered/afford to commission proper reviews for them and just recycled their original reviews


that is disappointing. noughties Fall is much better than nineties Fall imo so would have liked more on those more records. I’ll still buy it mind.


Yeah this happens a lot, always a bit disappointing.

When Record Collector did a Fall issue after MES died they got Stewart Lee to do an album by album guide to post 2000s Fall which was really refreshing


This book is superb by the way. A real ragtag of different Fall related stuff. There are lots of new essays by various authors most which are really interesting (one on the influence of the Working Men’s Club on their aesthetic, one on the Fall and amateurism with a focus on Northern non-league football, quite a bit on the relationship between MES and weird/horror fiction etc etc) coupled with loads of archive material (old fanzine stuff, interviews, photos etc). Some of it is a bit pretentious but overall it’s well worth getting and is very handsomely put together.


weird, i just discovered two Fall gigs i went to in 2013 are now in among the endless bootleg live albums on Spotify. fairly shit bootleg quality recordings but nice for a bit of personal reminiscing


Been tempted to buy that CQAF show for a while but always worried about the quality. Looking forward to giving it a listen. Think they started about 2 hours late that night if I remember right

It’s not terrible quality (the Dublin one is worse) but not purchase level quality for me

I don’t remember them being particularly late actually, think I’ve heard they were very late at CQAF 2008 though? Wasn’t at that one, it precedes my fandom