The Fall - New Facts Emerge

New album out today innit. Anyone else enjoying it? Got a good review on this 'ere DiS.

Gonna pick it up today isn’t it.

finishing off a review of it this morning. seems to be getting mixed reviews with the DiS one being the most positive i’ve seen.

it’s far from their worst but it’s pretty unremarkable i think, gets very samey and the last song is awful.

Initial thoughts - they’ve completely frontloaded the album. Last four songs are pretty forgettable. Fol De Rol, Brillo De Facto, New Facts Emerge and Second House Now are brilliant - some of their best stuff IMO. Would’ve made a good EP.

Admittedly I haven’t heard the last few albums but christ MES voice sounds fecking weird on this.

yeah those are my highlights too, all very good (if a bit hard to tell apart tbh)

there’s some good riffs and stuff but i think the problem with this one is most of the vocals aren’t very interesting. most of the songs sound like he’s just turned up on the day to shout over them rather than having his usual structured, rhythmic sort of delivery (i know the former is how he’s treated live shows for a number of years now but he still manages the latter on most of the recorded stuff)


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he can still sound decent when he wants to:

other times he just does that weird growly gurgly thing:

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I’m so sick of Snow Patrol. Fucking hell. That is awful.

a friend of a friend supposedly dropped that into a DJ set while Gary Lightbody was in the room

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the last track is absolutely awful

how would we rank the last decade’s worth of albums then?

YFOC > Imperial Wax Solvent > Sub-Lingual Tablet > Re-Mit > New Facts Emerge > Ersatz GB > Reformation Post TLC

the Von Südenfed album might creep into third place if counted. i’d also put The Remainderer EP pretty low down but i seem to be alone in that.

Reformation TLC was pretty deece wasn’t It? Or am I mixing it up with Fall Heads Roll. I dunno.

To be honest apart from YFOC most of those blur together for me. Can’t remember much about any of them. Probably only played them once each. Will buy the new one out of a sense of duty.

Remainderer was pretty good though so I think. I may have played that three times.

Fall Heads Roll is v good. there’s a couple of decent tracks on Reformation but the rest just sounds limp, lifeless and shit to me. might be partly the production, i’ve only made it through the full thing once or twice.

That’s increasingly been the situation for some time. When MES is the least interesting thing about a Fall record something has gone seriously wrong.

That having been said, I quite enjoyed the last record. This one should be waiting for me when I get home.

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i like the AV Club review


On first listen I actually think it’s a pretty good album. The band sound amazing throughout- taut, sharp and powerful. As others have remarked above it’s definitely front loaded (like quite a few Fall albums). Fol De Rol is awesome- in the great tradition of great Fall opening tracks. Brillo de Facto and the title track also very good. Couples vs Jobless Mid 30s is eight or nine songs stuck together by a madman with a roll of sellotape. Some of those songs are great, some less so. There’s some meandering later on when MES seems to run out of ideas a bit, but I quite like that last song. Solid 7/10 Fall album.

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Might grow on me eventually, the band sound decent but the songs don’t have that much sticking power for me. Definitely preferred the last one.

Might as well JAG my review here