The fancy dress shop down the street from me has 50% off their ancient Egyptian costumes


You can’t say pharaoh than that!

Your favourite jokes that took you ages to get

Well, the fancy dress shop down the road from me has conned me into selling on a hundred Egyptian costumes. Convinced me that I’d make five times my initial outlay.

Was just a pyramid scheme.


Great stuff CCB!


ban request


This one’s much better (sorry Jordan Numbers).


You’re too kind. I have another up my sleeve but I’ll quit while I’m ahead.


P’haps. Mines a stone cold original mind


Original? They found that joke carved on the Rosetta Stone, mate :wink:


Pharaoh: What’s the different between a crocodile and a post box?
Nefertiti: I don’t know.
Pharaoh: Remind me not to ask you to post my pools coupon then.


The Egyptian ambassador’s receptions are noted for their host’s exquisite taste…


Bit of an obscure reference: it was from the old Pharoah Rocher adverts.


I got it, and I even laughed. But I hate writing “LOL”, and I thought you’d find it a bit condescending if I replied with “I understood and reacted positively.”

I should have just given you a like.


^this :slight_smile:


There you go.


Fucking absolutely done here. Fuck’s sake.


All I have gleaned from this thread is that Jordan lives on a street and c_c_b lives on a road.

Do you live on a street, road, avenue or other?

My Egyptian dog has no nose.

How does he smell?

Fucking sphinx


Fight me


Actually, I do!