The feeling of having left your door unlocked/a window open

Ugh I have this bad right now. I hate to make the thread coz I feel like I might foster some needless worry but I’m a total bastard for doing this and then think about it all day.

Got any tips to avoid it? My friend said they do a little knocking routine after locking their door to remind them that they’ve done it, but surely if you do that all the time then it just blends into one and you can’t trust the memory of it.

  • I do this a lot
  • Once in a while
  • Rarely if ever
  • Never have I ever

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my anxiety is such that everything is at least double checked before leaving

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Used to live in a flat where you would physically have to lock the door. Was constantly going back to check.
Also when I was living with my sister I used to just leave my keys in the door all the time, though this coincided with the stoner years.
Cant you just create a note on your iphone or similar model and type ‘locked’, then the date of the note should be updated and you will know you locked it on that day rather than a memory of a time before?

Left a window open the other day and our (indoor) cat escaped, so it’s something I worry about quite a lot. We found her fairly quickly but given that’s she’s mostly deaf and not especially mobile it was quite worrying. Just this morning I drove to work wondering if I’d remembered to close that window, it was a blast.

Don’t worry too much about leaving doors open though, we know all our neighbours and our flat is behind a gate that locks itself so it’d be fairly obvious if someone was poking about. I also don’t have anything worth stealing.

if anyone is in N16 today do you fancy doing me a favour lol

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I shout to the missus. “I’ve locked the doors” when I lock them. When I forget to tell her I get out of bed to check.

Only when I’m inside though, never worried if I’m out. Must be more scared of being murdered than robbed


Always afraid of forgetting to turn off my hair straighteners and coming home to a raging inferno so I have to unplug them and stare at them for a few seconds to get it in my head that they’re off

I did once leave them on but they were really crap ones that didn’t heat up much so when I came home from school there was just a small scorch mark on the carpet in my bedroom, never told my mum how it got there


I’m hugely anxious about this sort of thing though, terrified of leaving doors unlocked, leaving keys at home and not being able to get in, forgetting to pack stuff for trips away, leaving the hob on etc

Like right now we’re on the road to Northumberland and I’m thinking of all the things I might have forgotten to pack instead of enjoying the view


Started doing this quite a lot lately, not sure why.

Also, I did actually leave a window open on the car while I was at work yesterday.

I’m really bad for this, whether it’s forgetting to close my windows and front door when I’ve gone out, or checking that everything is closed when I go to bed. fortunately I don’t have the worry anymore of whether I put my laptop and other work stuff away, and if I locked my locker with that stuff in it, when I’m wfh.

best is when I know that I have actually locked/closed/done whatever but I still worry about it. like when I’m being particularly bad about this stuff, the second I’m not directly looking at a door I’m thinking whether I did actually close it, maybe I didn’t and maybe I wasn’t paying attention and it was actually open and I have to check again. and again. it’s not good.

don’t even know where this came from, never used to be a thing with me until like the last 5-10 years maybe?

It with doors but with hair straighteners and irons. I take a pic of my unplugged iron every time I leave the house :joy:

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Often I talk to myself as I close all the windows and lock the door, so that I’m telling myself that it’s locked. That seems to help.

I left the iron on for 2 days recently, oops.

Left the gas hob burning all afternoon too.

I’m really bad for needing to check stuff like this though, probably because I know I’m inclined to space out and just walk off. I heard that if you tell yourself out loud “I’ve locked the door” it can help.

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I’m absolutely terrible for leaving my car unlocked.
Come back to the glove compartment open loads of times

This is my problem, the fact that I’ve actually left straighteners on in the past means I don’t trust myself with anything

Last time we went camping I forgot the gas canister meaning we couldn’t do any cooking even though I’d packed the stove, so I have form for forgetting important things

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This call and response is part of our going to bed ritual too. Fat lot of good it does though. The other night we left the back door unlocked overnight. A few years back Mrs F went out to the shops and not only left the front door unlocked, but also wide open. That was an interesting few cautious minutes when I got back home.

I left our car open on our driveway overnight once. Came to it in the morning to find the car messier than normal, with the glovebox and armrest open and everything tipped out. Makes me wonder how often doors are tried at night

No but sometimes I used to walk into the office in the morning and have an instant, overwhelming fear that I’d forgotten to put any trousers on.

I’m absolutely terrible for this.

The number of times that I’ve got half way to work and come home is ridiculous.

Because of covid I’m now a keyholder for the office. Making sure that’s locked up properly makes me an anxious wreck. Even if I’m the only person in the office, I have to check every window even though I know I didn’t open them.

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It was all fine btw