The feeling of having left your door unlocked/a window open

I go back and forth in and out of the flat three times before I leave properly. Mostly because I’ve forgotten something but normally to check the hob or in the past hair straighteners. Silly.

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Woke up after a barbecue a couple of weekends ago to find I’d left my keys (including house and car) in the shed padlock overnight. So lucky

I wish you’d posted this after flat sitting for me


Never used to bother me in the slightest, but my current flat doesn’t have a Yale lock/you have to manually lock it, and often have that sinking feeling when I’m out now.

Aha, it me.

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:joy: i would always triple check at someone else’s place. It always turns out I have locked up anyway, just another thing my brain likes to worry about.

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Take a photo before you leave of your windows being closed/you locking the door/the taps being off etc so if you get the panic you can look at your phone and check the photo and then you know