The Field - Infinite Moment

First song from new album here:


Well this is exciting - all of his stuff is pretty great :+1:

only a minute in and already know I’m going to rinse this record over the winter

Absolutely love every album he’s done and this is a cracking first taster.


Corsica Studios show:

Smallest venue I’ll have seen him in, and a short bus ride home!


10 mins cycle for me. Fuck off loud soundsystem in Corsica too :+1:

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Playing Manchester too fist pumps

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I’m in!

Jon Hopkins and The Field on consecutive Thursdays for me.

How is this guy so consistent? Cracking album on first few listens.

That switch up at 8:22 on Divide Now :heart_eyes:


I’m all about Hear Your Voice. Such a sucker for 6/4

In the past I think he’s had a tendency to clump some of the more similar sounding songs together at the start or end of a record, but what I’m really in to here is the the way he switches things up track to track.

yeah, this is great (like everything else he’s done) eh?


Think this is my favourite since Looping State of Mind


This album is bonkers intense. Love it. Minimalist techno is my fav techno. I have spent many beautiful nights sweating for hours on end to Richie Hawtin in Detroit and Chicago and this takes me back.


All in for a bit of this, need some meditative stuff right now. First released track was lush, haven’t dug into the record yet.

Looping state of mind is my fav.

That’s easily my favourite of his. Must give this a listen then.

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Have an early morning flight to Australia on the 29th Nov from Manchester. The Field playing here on the 28th is possibly the best send off ever but also has disaster written all over it.

Liking the new record anyway. I thought he was gonna go full jungle in Divide Now at about 4.30 in… I wanted him to go full jungle.

We all wanted him to go full jungle


This album is great.

Unsolicited The Field discography rating:

FHWGS > Yesterday & Today > Looping State of Mind > Infinite Moment > The Follower > Cupid’s Head

All are excellent though. Yesterday & Today only pits LSoM because of John Stanier’s drumming. Cupid’s Head might just be there 'cause of fewer listens.

I really wish he’d go back to writing 6-7 minute tracks. There are some great tracks on here, but Christ he drags the arse out of them