The films of Quentin J Tarantino

Music videos are so unbelievably pointless.


‘Nobody watches music videos in 2019’

Epimer (2019)

Maybe when you’re in the barbers or the gym and there’s those screens on the walls actually. But that’s it.

I learned about “Fifth Harmony” from the music video that was on the screen on the wall in my old barbers

I prefer to think of them as short art films that contain music rather than the reductive term ‘music video’


Televisions, that’s what those are


I prefer to think of them as miniature art installations that temporarily display short art films that contain music. The fleeting nature of each piece serves as a reminder that one day we too will get our hair cut.


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  • Not all that great

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  • etc
  • etc.

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Missing the “It’s fine” option.

Good “Art”: Films, some music, books perhaps?
Bad “Art”: Drawings, poetry, sculpture, paintings, “performance pieces”

Best art: a film of all of those things going on in the same room


What would you call this

It’s making me really, really uncomfortable

Like good art is supposed to

I hate this Eric, why are you making me watch it? Now I’m 02:00 in and I’m hating it even more

I like Death Proof but that could be more to do with the fact that I really, really fancy Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

I’d just like to know which categories of art you would say it fits into

I think it’s probably “poetry” (eg one of the bad ones)

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Good “Art”: Music, architecture.
Bad “Art”: Basically everything else.