The final Ashes Test: can Mason Crane save us? Does anyone still care? 🦗

Looks like it’s raining.


Exactly. Christ. Our saviour… :neutral_face:


C’mon Ma Son… (don’t care)

Simon Kerrigan has a FC average of 30.57


How come it’s raining in Australia? I thought it was a land of eternal scorching heat and creatures who wanted to kill you?



Thanks to my horrific current work schedule I’m basically nocturnal so yeah I’m still in for this, will watch the first hour or two at least. Dunno how Moeen is still in the team though, I’d rather have Root as the second spinner at this point. Will be interesting to see how Crane goes, may as well chuck him in at this point I reckon.

Hopefully they don’t do a Kerrigan with him and lose faith if he’s expensive early on. Poor dude bowled eight overs in that Sydney test last time. Eight.

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presuming they don’t go on to big scores second dig, have vince and stoneman done enough to start in nz for you lads?

  • stoneman
  • vince
  • both

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pretty content for now with stoneman going forward, if it was an english summer with some players in form id drop vince again but, as ballance is the back up on tour, probably let him have the rest of the winter.

as bad a tour as it’s been we’ve probably got more answers for how the team is gonna look moving forward than we did in the summer. malan looks strong.

having done a stat check I’m surprised how much our experienced players are averaging (barring mo). them not standing up is definitely the narrative but jb is the worst of them at 38, not much removed from his average. mostly come from one big innings tho innit. vince & stoneman @ 28 & 29.

I know it’s the age old argument the night watchman, but fuck being Bairstow going in at that point

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Cook is averaging 47 this year, like 60% of that in two knocks :man_shrugging:

I care as I had ticket

It was raining had to walk 2 miles in it. Was a bit annoying.


Is that not the problem? Starts thinking about at 70/80, plays differently/not as fluidly, gets out?

Nathan Lyon on to Moeen. :roll_eyes:

fuck me! Australia’s catching these last two tests has been pathetic



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Just ugly now - fuck playing in this heat

England have bowled over 1000 overs this series now, Australia high 700s I think