Would normally want Brentford to go up as used to go to Griffin park a lot as a kid, but after their manager and player antics in the semis am all in on Swansea. Hope it’s a painful 1-0 clinical Ayew borefest.

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I think Lincoln City are the only team to reach the play-offs in 5 consecutive seasons but fail to gain promotion in any of them.

Also the first team to play in the football league for 100 years but never play in the top division.

Tomorrow will be only the second time in their 137 year history to play at Wemberly after winning the EFL trophy in 2018.


The only bit of hope I have with regard to this is that it’s not by Ornstein.

I can’t get behind signing Odegaard at all. He’s like Ozil with half the talent, playing in a position that most people agree doesn’t really exist in the modern game anymore.

I don’t think we’ll get him anyway but I’ll feel massively deflated if we do. I’d much rather sign Buendia who at least has a bit of dig about him even if there are doubts about his ability at the level Arsenal aspire to be at.

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the sentence fragment “Doig Unlikely” is very funny to me. I might be having a stroke.


City won’t be happy at the switched allegiances of the Gallaghers

Quite a humdinger. Looking forward to the Spurs v Newtown ECL final.

come on Brentford :crossed_fingers: :pray:


Who would win, if pitted against each other in Wembley Stadium?

  • 11 actual swans
  • 11 actual bees

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Bob Mortimer plus panini stickers:


A swan could break a bee’s arm


Lovely to see all the grounds filling up again with humans :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Strong yellow

One of my favourite bands on Fueled by Ramen

I’m not that excited by the prospect of signing Odegaard unless the price is very good (can’t see why it would be). I think he has looked pretty decent, and could be even better, but think there are plenty of other better options (including Buendia).

Tapsoba is someone I have had my eye on and would be very pleased if we signed. Everyone seems to assume Saliba will come back and be brilliant, but I have seen very little to convince me that will be the case, and quite a bit of evidence to suggest the opposite.

So Toney for the Premier League right now

Oh I say

Strange bunch, and what do they have against award-winning green beaches?

Swansea are so bad