The Final Saturday Thread of 2022/ NYE Daytime

Morning all!

I’m up watching Zombies-related content with The Child. She’s developing a bit of a cold so my original plan to take her to soft play has been put on hold.

I’m going mooch round the house (hopefully play some Assassin’s Creed) before cooking a cauliflower pilaf and then drinking some G&T. We’re watching Glass Onion tonight.

Tell us about stuff you’re doing, food you’re eating, plans you’re planning…


Morning, Keith! Cat came in and walked on my head so just been to give her breakfast. Put on a load of laundry I’ve been avoiding and done the washing up while down there but now I’m back in bed and reckon I might go back to sleep now til 10.

After that, I need to take myself for a walk, not had enough movement this month, and this evening I think we will order local Indian and find something good to watch. Hope everyone has nice days!


I already have a feeling I will be drinking too much coffee this morning.


Morning morning

Gotta get a haircut but once that’s done in staying in for the rest of the weekend, can’t wait. I’m pooped.

Might finally watch the Banshees of Insherin


I am awake but don’t want to be

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Morning all :wave:

Quiet start to the morning - just been sat in bed with a cuppa. Might pop into town for some bits, then prepping some food for later.

Was due to have a house guest but that’s spectacularly not happening (cf. Family rows thread)

Morning. Currently on the sofa under a blanket reading comics and listening to Rilo Kiley, the cat has decided to sit on my shins and I’m not sure this is comfortable for either of us

Later on we’re gonna go out for a few drinks, go play with the lasers on the Quayside, come back home for dinner and a standup stream, then go to our fav bar for their NYE thing.

Edit: I guess she found a way to make it comfortable

Legs are fast cramping


Gonna do some housework, go to watch footy, come back to change, then go out for drinks.

Lovely stuff



Finally home after family christmases which feels lovely. However baby has picked something up so is unhappy and pretty out of sorts. Currently sleeping on me on the sofa.

No plans which is an incredible feeling tbh. Bit grim outside so I’m gonna listen to some records, catch up on some TV and maybe do some cooking.

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Am in south west London again to keep an eye on my mum, but she seems fine so will keep my phone on and go for a walk in bushy park or something, go to a cafe and then maybe find a pub for the football. Should be quite nice to be childfree for a bit.

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Morning :wave:

Bed tea and marmalade on toast. How about that? Combo of dreams.

Pisser about the weather innit. Rather than mope about the flat for the rest of the day I’ve decided to have the best day ever instead.

Going to go and watch Avatar: The Way of Water on a massive cinema screen then have a beer and read my book for a bit somewhere quiet. Then I’ll go to another cinema and watch The Whale.
I’ll probably have another quick beer somewhere and meet some really cool people who invite me to some awesome house party and I’ll have the best time and make loads of new friends.
Alternatively, I’ll head home, pick up some nice food on the way and pop a bottle of bubbly.
Lovely stuff either way.


Woke up at 5 as the child woke up. They managed to get themselves back down to sleep pretty quickly, but no such luck for me.

Maybe I need to start using his patented bum-wiggle

Might have some pals and their kid over for a bit this morning, then it’s off to my folks for Xmas no3 feat. sister, brother in law and their kids.

Somehow still eating roast potatoes every day, which probably needs to stop soon


Didn’t get up in time for parkrun.

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Off to the football in a bit. Lunchtime kick-off, so I need to be on the train at 9.45, which is just silly.

Just had a chunk of pork pie and a cup of tea for breakfast, might just have time to nip to Tim Horton’s on the way to get something more substantial.

Couple of beers before the match.

Not doing anything tonight. Might have a takeaway. Might go to bed early and get woken up by the dog going mad at fireworks at midnight.

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Morning all :coffee: sorry for baby poo chat at this early hour but this morning my baby decided to wait until his nappy was off mid-change to finish his poo with disastrous, but hilarious, consequences.

We have borrowed a super duper mega ladder from the tool library so having a lazy day planning some classic bank holiday DIY over the next couple of days :ladder: :carpentry_saw: :hammer: Then good food and an early night to see 2022 out :clinking_glasses: :sparkler:


Your cat is adorable!

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Morning! Very broken night’s sleep but feeling alright.

Going for a morning run in cold Croydon, then going to play some Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii (picked it up for £8 from CEX, result). Popping out for a NYE gig with some Brighton mates later.


Hey up and good morning

Meeting friend in the woods for a dog run. Can only imagine the muddy dog situation.

Then it’s football, party tea, glass onion maybe, probably not stay up until midnight.

Yeah, she’s pretty good :blush:

We came to an arrangement that works for both of us


Morning all

Gf’s mates turning up at 6ish this evening. Already cooked and shopped for this so it is reasonably low pressure

Started my job application yesterday by discovering the system has most of my details saved in it from last time. So I only really have to think about the knowledge and experience section. Might try to do a draft of that today.

GF is still asleep so might try to sneak in a bit of Civ VI before she wakes up / I have to walk the dog alone.