The "find a gig buddy" thread

One day we’ll end up in the same gig together and actually acknowledge each other haha

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shit, first i’d seen/heard about this :-/

Going to this!

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Camera Obscura was last night, they were amazing! :heart_eyes:


He’s not from Wales anyway !

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I know.

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And thats why I implied none of the welsh dissers are called Tom Jones, because he’s ‘not welsh’ :smiley:

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Nkisi /Moor Mother on Sunday at the ICA…I fucking hate Sunday gigs but anyone attending?

I might well be at the Martha gigs in Southampton on Monday and Cambridge on Tuesday.

50/50 if I’ll make it to either due to funds, and I don’t like to hype stuff up too much on here and make concrete promises of attending things, but more news in the next few days so maybe feel free to meet up, fellow DiSers (also bought tickets to the all dayer they’re playing in Oxford on Saturday 14th September)

Unfortunately can’t make any of them now. Sorry about that but I’m going on holiday in November and got to save up loads for that. I’ll be back in the near future though, great band.

I’ve one free ticket to Martha each for Oxford and Newcastle on Halloween if anyone would like one? PM me an email address if you do.

Any Bristolian hardcore punk fans, I shall try and make it to the C.H.E.W show in the Exchange in October. It is in the basement, I think this is a new addition. I can only assume it is smaller, for an already small place so should be interesting.

A taster:

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This is great. Should be in the main room!

I will be going alone to Pile at Moth Club on Sunday Night, probably be at the Cock Tavern or Pembrook for a few jars before hand if anyone’s around

Who: Oso Oso
Where: Deaf Institute, Manchester
When: 18 October

Anyone to Self Esteem in Edinburgh? Trying to wrangle my flatmate into coming but being met with indifference

I have 349 spare tickets to this is anyone fancies it


How far in advance can I use this for? Well, let’s see…

Going to two Manchester gigs in March on consecutive nights.

Big Thief - 1 March, Albert Hall
Winged Victory - 2 March, St Philips

Let’s hang out (y)

I’ll probably be at AWVFTS, might book my ticket now actually!


I have my (e)ticket for AWVFTS, shame it’s a Monday, I might have to book Tuesday off!

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I decided to get a ticket for this today, if anyone fancies a black metal treat in Manchester next Friday!