The "find a gig buddy" thread

I’m out of town when this is on and I’m gutted! Been listening to that M!R!M album a fair whack recently, grows on me more with each listen.

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I’m seeing Squid in Birmingham

Aaaaand Angel Olsen also in Birmingham

(Possibly Jay Som but I may not be able to make it :frowning: )

I wanna find someone to go to canterbury uk shows!!!

such as daniel keane

This thing still on? * taps thread mic * Ahem

If gigs are for real happening from 19 July/this year (I’m still doubtful) it would be nice to find some new London gig buddies (promise I have friends, they all just moved out of London and/or have babies).

Arab Strap on 8 Sept anyone?

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Am always up for a gig buddy but not for Arab Strab.

Yeah, I’ll be at Arab Strap.

I need a gig buddy for Wide Awake

Super late notice but does anyone fancy going to a Maxïmo Park gig in London tonight? Drop me a message if so, ended up with a spare ticket.

Hi all.
I have 2 tickets for The Wildhearts in Stirling on the 21st September 2021.
I’m not going because on COVID still being far too risky for Mrs casinobay so if anyone wants them just send me a DM. Wouldn’t want them to go to waste.

Cost per ticket was about £20 but you can have them FOR FREE, or donate something to charity if you want.

If I’ve posted this on the wrong thread then can someone put it in the right one please.

I’m at the wrong end of the country and going to see them down here anyway, but if anybody is on the fence about this I’d urge them to go for it. It’ll be an evening of absolute top quality rock n roll fun!

It always is!!

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A bit last minute but I have a spare ticket for Shame tonight in Birmingham and don’t like seeing tickets go to waste. I’ll most likely be going alone now as well so if anybody is the same position and fancied a drink beforehand then drop me a message.

Lakes at The Lexington in April 2022 anyone?

It’s disappeared out of their stories now, but yesterday Dream Wife made a load of posts for the anniversary of their debut album. One of them was where they’d reposted someone who was asking for a gig buddy, and later on that day they reposted the person who went to the gig with him who’s now his partner. It properly warmed my cockles


Off to King Khan and The Shrines in Birmingham later this month. want to go to plenty of gigs in Birmingham until the summer. or even Wolverhampton if for some wonderful reason there’s a gig worth seeing there :smiley:

Not specifically looking for a buddy but wtf I had no idea that Bexhill had so many decent bands playing there!! What!! (Grandaddy, 25th April)

Then get the hell outta my thread!! :wink:

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Anyone else going to Lakes, I Feel Fine at The Lexington on 22nd April?

Anyone fancy joining me for Covet at the Brudenell next week?

Don’t suppose anyone is currently at Bush Hall to see Torres (not Fernando)