The "find a gig buddy" thread

If anyone is in Amsterdam I have a spare for Pavement on tuesday.


Have you got it on Ticketswap? I’ve got an alert setup, been thinking about going along

Hey, It’s on ticketswap at the moment. Happy for you to have it if you like!

The ticket prices are a bit too crazy for me at the moment, especially as I’ve seen the band before, but good to hear you’ve got it up on Ticketswap!

It’s OK, you can have it for free. Happy to see it used at this point! Is there a way I can DM you on here? Been ages since I used this site (so long in fact that my previous username had expired!)


Going to see Alex G, Cloud Nothings, American Football, Protomartyr & Black Country, New Road over the next couple of months. All in Leeds, if anyone fancied a pint beforehand.

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great gig selection

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