The First Annual Social Board Cis-Menless Monday

As came up in another thread, there is a big imbalance on here in who starts threads and topics so I’d like to propose something to try and start redressing that.

On Monday (22nd June) I say that us men hang back and let anyone who isn’t a man (doesn’t identify as a man I guess, not sure what term I should be using tbh but you get the gist hopefully) start the threads. We can still participate and post, but it’d be nice if all the threads were started by women or nb folk, on subjects of their choosing. Maybe some of you have ideas or topics for discussion but haven’t felt comfortable or whatever in posting them, so now is the time.

No idea how it if this will work but feel free to suggest any tweaks or whatever here.


I will be at work but more than happy to spam a load of threads first thing.

This is a lovely idea :heart:


AWA: ask women anything thread (SSP)

Would this be fun/enlightening or terrible??


Very excited for this though. A filth thread without men would be really interesting.


Ooooh seeing as I’m not backwards in coming forward with threads count me in

I’m all for this idea

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I am a man and I agree not to start any social board threads on Monday 22nd June

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This sounds really cool.

Regarding the terminology - maybe ‘cis-male’ is one way to define who shouldn’t be starting threads? Those are the folks that make the imbalance.


Happy with that, I was just gonna go with non-men.

Men can post, just not start threads. But you could specify it was a men-free filth thread of course.

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Now I’m doubting myself by bringing up cis. If a trans-man starts a thread on Monday, it frames them as not being male, which isn’t what I was getting at and apologies to anyone upset by that. It would be cool to have more diverse thread starters, including trans posters, was my thinking.

I’ve said enough, I will stop taking up space now!

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That’s kinda what I thought when I made the thread. We’ll see if it’s raised as an issue in here and sort out the exact semantics as we go.

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I think saying no cis men can post is better and more inclusive than saying only non-men can post as trans men are men, not non men.

I hope that makes sense.


Sounds like a good idea. Was thinking about starting a thread about what the men on here could/can do to make this place more inclusive and less misogynistic and what we can do to call each other out more, if that would be a good idea too?


I never said they weren’t, was a bit unsure of the wording in general tbh but cis men is fine by me. Happy to take direction from anyone closer to the subject than I am. Also men can post, just not start threads, part of the idea is to get us talking about things you want to discuss for a change.



This sounds awesome btw




I know you didn’t pal, I was just trying to explain why (I think) using cis is appropriate here.
I might be getting it all wrong.

And yeah I meant ‘post threads’ not post. The boards would be very quiet otherwise! :wink:


Thank god, I’m hoping for some quality Real Housewives content from @meowington to get involved with.