The first daily thread of the year 2023

Alright? Hope you all had a nice time. I just woke up to use the can, in a minute I will go back to sleep for a little while, then I’m going to see my mum and dad for a bit, de-Christmasing the house and making a nice dinner. Hbu?


Good morning and a happy new year to you all :blush:

Currently sat in bed eating Maltesers. Wasn’t really drinking last night so head is clear. Good start to 2023.


Hi. Happy New Year to all DiSsers

Up early after going to bed at 3 :fearful:. Making slow cooker brisket, so had that searing. Now got onions sweating off. Off to a national trust place for a walk and then back home. Chilled out day today


Happy New Year

Just the 4 hours sleep but hey, I survived

Out taking a walk rn - just me & the woodpeckers awake. Nice morning

2023 eh? Very futuristic in theory

Plans for today? Gonna sell a synth cos I’m broke & then I’m gonna start JAMuary 2023


Morning and HNY all.

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CW: meat



Up syringe feeding a poorly baby which neither of us are enjoying.

No plans today but hope to spend it at home rather than at A&E today :crossed_fingers:

Might watch that new knives out. Also came home to some nice records the other day so might spin those and also pull out some favourite finds of 2022 for the insta.

Happy new year! Haven’t showered or eaten since last year so ive got to do something about that


Happy New Year all!

Last night ended with a a bit of a whimper when Wor Lass (full of cold) went to bed at 10.30 and I stayed up until 12.30 playing computer games.

I’m hopefully going to spend tonight doing what should have been last night - drinking nice wine and watching Glass Onion.

I’ve had salmon and bagels for breakfast and we’re having a traditional steak pie for tea but I’ll save pictures for the correct thread.

Hey up!

Also on the deChristmas, make nice dinner and watch Glass Onion train.

Should probably get up.



Happy new year to all my imaginary internet friends

Going to take the pooch for a stroll in a little while.

Out for lunch with parents.

Might clean my bike and maybe the car this morning and perambulate the dog later actually.


Tired of all these new months now.


Was in bed for half 1. Revenge bairn was a nightmare last night and has continued to be a riot this morning.

Bit broken.

Got the inlaws later for steak pie (i think). Gonna be offered drink probably but really i just need a big chunk of unbroken sleep

Happy New Year all. I’m guessing this isn’t the right thread but anyway wishing all you super swell people all the best for 2023.

Cheesecake for (late breakfast) and I guess try and do something/anything this year is the plan after that.


Watching kids tv in bed, imagine it’ll be another lazy day here. My tooth is hurting too much to contemplate doing very much.

Happy new year everyone!
Tempted to stay in bed all day. Will get up soon, go for a walk and attempt a new curry recipe later.

Happy new year to all dissers and their families.

Feeling a bit groggy right now. Switching back and forward between prosecco and red might not have been the best strategy.

After being woken up by the rain hammering down its turned into a nice day here.

There was a vague plan to de Christmas the house but that may well wait until tomorrow now.

Happy new year!

Didn’t have a great night unfortunately, feeling a bit grumpy about it. Oh well, onwards!

Happy New Year folks, I am finally testing negative for the covid so let there be peace and all that!


Happy New Year gang

Drinking mimosas, eating scrambled eggs on brioche. Won’t be doing anything today.