The first Friday of the year: daily thread


What’s up?

Plan for today:

Barbican library browse
Need to visit my favourite shop after work :ok_hand:
Some DIY and a bike ride over the weekend if it ain’t icy



TV’s 30th bday weekend so got friends coming up from this evening. WFH and tidying in my breaks.
Happy Friday DiS!


Hey team

Plan for today

  • Work and get through
  • Grab the family and head for lunch somewhere
  • Playpark with said family
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Got to drop R off with his dad, then shopping, then the dozen or so tasks I haven’t been able to get around to in the past fortnight because R’s dad kept cancelling their days. Maybe a nap too (I will probably drop half of the things I should be doing for the nap). Then pizza for dinner, as per Friday regulations.


Wfh as I’m not feeling great. Main job today is to write a very detailed later explaining to someone why they’re being a prick. Quite looking forward to it.

Might get a :pizza: in tonight, as is traditional. That is the extent of my weekend plans.




dentist time! See ya later


Invited my parents up for the weekend and they actually accepted this time so I’m gonna have to clean the bathroom today. Done myself there haven’t I.


Help out a total n00b here, what does TV stand for, see it used a lot. Also ATB?

I’m currently sitting in my big coat in work trying to warm up a bit. Nothing really happening until dinner. My wife found some hot and spicy chicken goujons in the back of the freezer. I don’t know why I’m so excited about this but I actually can’t wait to get them into a wrap with a bit of cheese and barbeque sauce. Might even get a few onion rings on the go and live life like a proper child

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Currently on the sofa in lounge wear need to get my arse in gear and decide if I’m going to the office or WFH

Gonna cook a curry for the kids tonight

Morrrrrning. Couldn’t get to sleep until 4am :weary: I am very tired now. Might snooze on the sofa later.

TV = thinly veiled = girl/boyfriend/partner

Comes from the idea that someone would say “Oh, my girlfriend…” and another would repond with “thinly veiled brag that they have a girlfriend”.

See also: gf = girlfriend / George foreman = from this famous thread;



Thinly veiled; or girlfriend, fiancee or wife

ATD? All time dog; bff, best mate



Day off today.

• The plumbers coming round to fix the major leak in the bathroom.
• Get a hair cut
• Might stick a lamb casserole in the slow cooker
• Might go to the gym for the first time in ages.

Or i might spend all day watching Black Mirror

Morning all.

cba levels: critical

Weekend plans: tbc

Solar panel update: still hanging off. Estate’s solution is to put up a bunch of tape and have a load of guys in hi-vis vests standing about saying, “can’t go down there mate.” Classic estates.

The fuck have you got against disabled toilets, “pal”?

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Morning all. Going back to the Midlands today en route to the Merseyside derby tonight (could have done without reading that Everton haven’t lost a cup tie at Anfield in any current competition, but hey ho).

Alright pals? Thank fuck it’s TGIF Friday eh? Got a weekend planned of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, canny wait.

Smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich for lunch, when will these leftovers end? I don’t think I can keep eating these delicious combinations for much longer :sweat: