The first Friday of the year: daily thread

So had this twinge in my lower back yesterday that was getting a bit sore by bedtime that has decided to become really fucking sore this morning. Getting sharp, stabby pains depending which way I move. Anyone had this sort of thing before, is it a trapped nerve? Got some of that freeze gel on it which is helping but sitting and standing quite difficult and really struggled to put my socks on this morning.

Put me in the bin.

Ahh, the classic choice of the solitary seat with table. Slight disadvantage of being stuck by the bogs but still.


Morning! Really need to get some work done today. My Mam bought my daughter tickets to the pantomime for Christmas so going to that at the weekend. Not been to a pantomime since I was a kid so not sure what to expect really.

Morning all. It’s fucking roasting here in work. No idea who controls the aircon so I’m going to melt all day.

Planning on doing nothing tonight as I have a day long recording session for the new Not Earth album tomorrow. Hate recording while hungover. Will probably buy a box of tea bags, a multi pack of Curly Wurlys and a carton of milk for the session.

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Really annoyed because I’ve left my headphones at home. No youtube for Ruffers today. :frowning:

Yeah probably this, I’ve been given a “promotion” into “projects” #lol #madeupjobs


Been working since 7am, interviewing graphic designers via skype. I know very little about graphic design and am 3 days into my own job, so this is an interesting situation.

Exciting plans for the weekend include buying a new printer, and maybe meet up with some mates for a drink/some food.

hope you aren’t too near the front

last time I went to a panto (when the kids were younger) I spent the whole performance being picked on/ comedy flirted with my Kim and Aggie (ugly sisters)

I was surrounded by other kids and parents from my kid’s school and it was actually quite fun


The plumbers turned up two hours early, which is great but i was in the shower and nearly missed him.

I now look like a drowned rat.

Having cereal and coffee. You wont believe what frasier’s done this time :rofl:

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On Friday bangerz day of all days :expressionless:


I think we’re upstairs in the balcony so hopefully no danger of being picked on.

Panto’s really not my sort of thing, but I think my daughter’s prime age for it so hopefully should be fun.

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Cycled in to work for the first time in a month, and it felt so much tougher than usual.

Plans for the weekend:
-Taking down the christmas tree and decorations this evening
-Tip trip and then hockey tomorrow, followed by the cinema (no idea what film yet)
-continue with insulating and boarding out the loft on Sunday. The aim is to have the back loft done by the end of the weekend.

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Totally worth it to not be sat next to anyone.

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I only get to do Friday bangerz between five and six when I’m doing some paperwork! Very disgruntled about this.

Oh mate that’s a real shame. I build my Friday afternoon around them :grinning:

I’ve got a new train gripe: people who sit in the aisle seat and wait til the absolute last minute to let the person in the window seat (muggins here) off the train.

That’s annoying. When I’m in the aisle next to someone I’m constantly watching them for any signs of ‘This is my stop’, but that’s because I’m so bloody considerate.

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Yo. Enjoying that it’s Friday already. More of these three day weeks please. Going out for food with some friends tonight, that’s about the extent of my weekend plans

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