The first new thread of 2018 (January 1st daily thread)

Good morning all :slight_smile:

We’re a broad church in some respects (as someone said on here recently), so for some of you, your NYE parties might still be continuing. For me, I’ve just woken up a few minutes ago. Welcome all!

How are you? Happy New Year to you! What are your plans for the day (if applicable)?

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I’m up cos I got work. Doing the fun shifts of 9-11am, then another at 4-6.30pm

Ooft that’s rough. I hope you get some rest in the bit between the shifts :confused:

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Morning ccb!

Just woken up as we were in bed by 10:45 last night. No hangover!

I start a new job tomorrow so much of today will probably be spent being nervous about that and trying to feel prepared for it.


Morning and Happy New Year! Was going to stay in last night but we ended up going round to my GF’s friend’s house. Was driving so no hangover :+1:

Good luck with the new job @McGarnagle


There’s been a murder and as we’re all ludicrously unbelievable caricatures any one of us might be the murderer?


Morning all, HNY,

There’s a drought everywhere in NZ at the moment, except where we are trying to play cricket. So I’m not watching the cricket (got the Palace v Man City game on instead). Putting together menus for small events we’re hosting over the next couple of days, trying not to get irked at my girlfriend constantly disagreeing with my ideas (note, I’ll be doing all the cooking).

Good luck for the job @McGarnagle, what is it?

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Morning, HNY etc

Forgot to turn my alarm off didn’t I!

Had a pretty fun night round a mate’s, three of us had drinks and snacks and listened to music and played cards. Came home at 2ish and I’m feeling OKish tbh.

Would quite like to go for a walk today but I’m hazarding a guess that the TV will be in a bit of a state when he wakes up.

Just getting into bed, see yous in a bit


Thanks pal! It’s heading up a fundraising/marketing department at a charity. I’ve been in the sector for years but this will be pretty different as their HQ is in Hong Kong and I’ll be managing a team based in a bunch of different countries whilst working from home. Really excited but also massively nervous as it’s a major change.


Morning! HNY DiS

Feeling very chipper despite drinking a silly amount last night. Had a fantastic time with great people, great food and great drink (the exclusion being fernet/whisky 50:50 shooters which are actually disgusting). 4 hours of sleep so 100% going to be passed out asleep by 3pm.

Sitting here reading an article about the top 10 read pubmed articles of 2017. totally missed the lamb-fetus developed to term in a plastic bag paper. Fucking amazing!

Happy New Year DiS! Had a quiet, reasonably sober and dare I say slightly boring NYE this year. But in a way I suppose that’s sort of appropriate.

I’m off to watch football today and introduce my new girlfriend to my dad. I have to tidy this flat first though, dang.

Feel alright this morning. Main plan is to head out to a retail park to buy things for the house. Gonna be hell, innit?

Morning! Its 235, so I’m about to go to bed. Parks and rec is on tele though. Probably watch a couple then call it.

Morning and happy new year!

Was in bed early. Had sleep paralysis and fever and felt awful then more sleep paralysis, so I feel very peculiar and shaky now.

Need tea, sympathy and cuddles.

Yep, still drunk :slight_smile:


:hugs: :tea:



Just gonna potter around and play board games today I think. I hate to bring it up but holy shit I have the fear about work tomorrow :neutral_face: