The first Sunday of December thread

Hi. How are you? Tell me about your plans and dreams for this day.

I’ve been up since 3.15 with a talking, singing kid. Annoyed. Been watching a Ken Burns doco about the American west. It’s fascinating. Working 7.30-5ish today, yay.

Have fun today


Hello Rich, I am currently heading to bed. Got a foot of snow coming my way tomorrow. Not planning on leaving the house all day. Going to do a bunch of cooking for pre-planned lunches and dinners for the week when i wake up. Boring content.


Cooking right now. Been clearing stuff out of cupboards all day and the like in readiness for our big holiday back in the UK

Last beach day for a while for us today. Moving inland to Mumbai then up to Rajastan for a bit, then to Agra followed by figuring out the best way to get to Nepal

I wanna just lie on the beach here for a year :grinning::grinning:


Up since about 4am with 2 year old being sick again.
Now watching some peppa pig film thing with both the boys and fending off a million questions “What’s glamping?” :expressionless:


Can people post advent calendar pics. I’ve not got one


I’m in a cinema. Just waiting for movie five of five to start.

Everything aches.

After this I have to go and get a train back to Newcastle. Hopefully be in bed by 11am :grimacing:

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What films have you been watching?

5am / 1 year old / hey duggee for me.

Missus was woken up by this:

I’m just glad there’s a proper explanation and she doesn’t start thinking our new house is haunted

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Morning all :wave:

Just sat up in bed with a cuppa. Got a mild post-Fenino fuzz going on but I don’t feel too bad (plenty of time to drink water on a rail replacement bus :upside_down_face:)

Gonna put up decorations today! Woo

Feeling relatively good about my lie-in until 6 with the baby based on the rest of the DiS parent waking times. Trying to coax her back to sleep now…

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Woke up sad because of a stupid dream.

Working this morning then got M’s most boisterous friend, and his baby sister coming over until just before bedtime so his parents can have a day to themselves.

Need to hide all the tiny toys so I don’t have to tidy up the aftermath for days to come.

Hello! Work 9-4.30 then home for roast chicken I think. Might put up the Christmas tree too if I cba.

Going to Paris. Can I bring back booze in my bag tomorrow?



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Eurostar yeah plane hand luggage no


Hello friends, I slept on the sofa last night so mother in law who is babysitting for us this weekend could share the bed with wife. I’ve woken up feeling like my spine has been replaced with a piece of corrugated wood.

Pup were good last night but there were so many people farting in the crowd it was like watching the band in an anus. I was sober so my senses were extra sharp like Daredevil. Absolute horror show.

Got swimming in a bit then off to that London to watch Thursday. Pretty excited to be tbf.


This is sat in the office as it’s ripped.

A bag of Percy pigs on Christmas Day. Woooo!


If you’re going Eurostar you can no longer carry spirits in your hand luggage: