The first Sunday of December thread

Surely japes was just in it for the pun of it



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Got dinner reservation for 9 and I’m neither hungry nor can be arsed to leave the house


Ah I love that record, didn’t know it was written for vic!

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Was informed yesterday that there is a possession order on the people above me taking place later this month.

I’ve been offered the opportunity to contribute a letter saying how they have affected me, instances of noise etc. Anyone lawyered up know the best way I should write this? Thx x

And the album of the year poll is go


Wor Lass went to the shop earlier for bread and did not buy me a cheap advent calendar.

I retaliated by over-spicing the jerk pork we ate for tea so we were both eating spoonfuls of yogurt to calm it down. That’ll teach her.

Marked ten essays ready for tomorrow morning and forgot to watch HDM while I was doing them.

I would keep it factual- examples of the types of noise and when it occurred, etc.
They sound like they’ve been awful neighbours but at the same time I feel sorry for them if they rent and the landlord hasn’t bothered to put carpets down (some of the noise you described sounded like children clattering about on laminate floors- and any flatted properties which are above ground level ought to have carpets or rugs down for the sake of those below, but it’s not a tenant’s job to shell out for that.)
Who has asked you to write the letter?

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Agave, you want?


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I’ve made it to 9:25!

Goodnight :wave:

(keep seeing the :waffle: come up as I start typing for wave and I really want syrupy waffles for breakfast now)

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I agree, and a stipulation of the building is that flats are carpeted and that sits completely in the landlord’s domain. Thank you. I will reference this in my letter.

Just remembered I have a pack of chocolate buttons :+1::blush:

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Happy to do a proof read of your letter if that would be helpful. Xx

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Haha, someone told me you didn’t take to kindly to being ‘done there’ :smiley:

it’s a shit pun. Agave… A Garvey… Guy Garvey

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It’s the lead singer from Elbow, whose name is Guy Garvey, which sounds a bit like agave.

Next time I’ll try and make a pun based on members of The Wiggles :smiley:


Hand in your pun lanyard and passes at reception please. See you at the tribunal.

Pots and kettle, 'Houser. Pots and kettles.

I’m sorry I don’t get this reference :wink:

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Oh I’m with you now, lol

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