The first Sunday thread of February 2020

Anglos everybody. Got much on today? Got to buy a kilo of Columbian coffee beans today from the local coffee roasters, then probably drive for a walk on the seafront. Then dinner at my parents to celebrate my grandpa’s birthday.

Currently watching postman pat. Pretty good start to Sunday ngl.


Walked 15km yesterday so had a chilled one today so far. Going to a craft brewery tap room in a bit. Burbrit in Yangon. Looks like they do some ok stuff.

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Enjoy man. Where has been your favourite place so far?

Sounds like a good day @rich-t :+1:

I am dreading having to leave bed. I hate weekends so much.

It’s ok, Bing has ruined Sunday now

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Bloody rabbit. Hope it moves on to something better soon :crossed_fingers:

Should be Duggee :tada:


Ah-woof :slight_smile:


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Current order

Thailand, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India

Myanmar May move up yet as we’ve only been here a couple of days and we’re going back to Thailand twice more so that might change too.

It’s probably unfair to do India as one country as it’s so big. The mega cities were fucking horrendous though which drags it down


Very down in the dumps see cat thread
No bread in the house
No almond milk for cereal
No spaces in my regular gym class

fuck off sunday
(I’ll go do something)


Ah mate. I’m really sorry to hear that. Princess sounded awesome. Look after yourself today


Thank you :two_hearts:

Working a 9am to 9pm. Should be hassle free. Nothing much else happening. Have a great day everyone.


Today is an interesting date, 02022020, and also my dad’s birthday (he died in 2011). would do something for it but he didnt care about his birthday at all when he was alive so its ok haha

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Off to the gym

Super Bowl sunday!!!


Morning Kids!

Junior parkrun, a trip to the sheep, then maybe an afternoon visit to Eastbourne for the Towner gallery and an ice cream the size of my head from the retro ice cream place that hasn’t changed since the 80s.