The first Sunday thread of February 2020

Morning , still in bed

Going for a drink this eve but no real plans until then. Might do a bike but will probably mainly do music

got to buy #somebeers and #somesnacks to take to a superb owl party later

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That’s right woodchuck chuckers it’s groundhog day!

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Just remembered I got some egg circle things yesterday - like metal rings you use to make your fried eggs perfectly round

Might give em a go for breakfast


Morning all, it’s my partner’s birthday today so her parents are coming to visit - going to try to do some nice family stuff before that happens. They’re really fastidious so there will also be much cleaning this morning. Weather here is grey but okay, update your spreadsheets.


Where did you get these things?

Impulse purchase in a fancy kitchen shop in Brighton

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You can always use pastry cutters :smiley:


I cant decide if I want wanky beers, shit lager or just take the bottle of rum I got for Xmas and cane the sugar.

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Going to the Tenement House I think. Then maybe currywurst and/or hotdogs #sundaysausagefest

Poll! Poll! Poll!

(and then ignore the results)

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Still got one of these left


the fuck is that

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Beers and food.


have approx 786 things to do today and so far i’ve done about … 3


Works a treat. Perfect bagel sized egg

  • Wanky sludge
  • Semi-wanky supermarket sludge
  • Biere d’or
  • Wanna rum to you

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Good rate of progress, if I’d done one thing by this point I’d be happy.

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Which one?

Sludge doesn’t feel right for the Superb Owl, though I’d usually vote sludge.

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