The Fishery Commission

Some of you might remember a band called The Fishery Commission. Two blokes, Gameboys and singing in the North East of England around 2006 ish? I was/am one of the two. Things happened, life got in the way and we never did release anything. Well, about 11 years after we formed we have released an EP. I can hardly believe we finally did it… 3 new tunes and 2 old ones. Does anyone remember us?

You can hear it here -

Blimey, we have been played on BBC Radio 6 twice this week - we are on at 1 hour, 16 minutes and twenty five seconds, ish… But the whole show is great obviously. Welp, that’s that ticked of the bucket list anyway.

Me again… Just thought I’d let you know we (The Fishery Commission) have release an album that only took about 15 years to finish. Mostly because I was like, doing stuff, right. It’s on bandcamp now and will also be in all those other places at midnight, including spotify (if you want us to earn 0.006 pence per annum). Listen here:

Right. I better walk the dog.

I got back from walking the dog and wrote another EP with Andy. I’m a little bit proud of this one: