The Flaming Lips Thread (Rolling)

OK, so the album title and some of the song titles are rather insufferable, and Wayne Coyne has been pretty annoying in recent years and they often get bogged down a lot in side project stuff/Beatles covers albums etc. But I thought Embryonic and The Terror were both pretty decent, so who knows.

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Embryonic was great and the Terror was ass.

the one track previewed for this one sounds promising. Sounds closer to Yoshimi.

New song:

Insufferable song titles? Nah. Par for the course. Love these guys.

First impression of The Castle is that it sounds a bit like a parody of Soft Bulletin era Lips, with a trap friendly beat laid underneath to try and make it current. Might grow on me, but on first go seems like one of the worst things they’ve done? Idk.

I like this new song a lot! Anyone going to see them in Brixton Academy in January?

Trying to fly over for it!

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the titles look like a Flaming Lips parody. song sounds ok. i loved Embryonic (but could have done without all the meandering instrumentals), thought The Terror was decent but have never really returned to it. all the other stuff they’ve been doing on the side is bobbins.

Another new song

I like this much more than ‘The Castle’. The album could end up being a weird halfway house between the sentiments of ‘Yoshimi…’ and the instrumentation of ‘The Terror’.

tube for ease of viewing and colourful pissing about video

Like both the songs so far, have seen the Yoshimi/Terror combination mentioned a few times and I am down for that

yeah, I can hear that.

Not entirely sure what to think about it; I like what I’ve heard so far, but it all seems very repetitive and samey to where I think I’d get annoyed with it over the course of a full album.

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was just about to post!

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If it says “fwends” anywhere on the packaging I’m out.

Been 50/50 on the new stuff. I thought The Castle was pretty great, didn’t like How?? at all. Sunrise is ok and We a Family is not very good. Kinda feel they are still dining out on the The Soft Bulletin, Yoshimi, Fight Test era.

Been listening to the new album today. Have to say, it’s fairly magical.


Will never listento an album with a song called ‘Listening to the Frogs with the Demon Eyes’

I like the idea, some moments it really clicks and I fall into the dream vibe it’s clearly shooting for but then there are other moments where it feels every second it’s length and then some.