The Flaming Lips

Might be your only option, although there was a stereo mix on Soulseek back in the day…

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These are the stereo mixdowns done by the band in 98/99 so are definitely the way to go for the moment. I think they sound great, have been listening to them for fifteen years now and think they’re some of the best Flaming Lips tracks.

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I’ve recently ripped all 4 Zaireeka discs to my PC, and I’m wondering if I can layer them all in Audacity and create a mix. Would need to futz with the levels, I imagine just setting each layer at 1/4 volume won’t cut it…

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You could also add some random panning and slight speed differences to get the effect of each track coming from a different set of speakers but it sounds like a great fun idea.

Am a fan but never listened to Zaireeka before so this is nice!

This one’s good, bit like a Radiohead Amnesiac B-side, but pre-dating them:

Just had a listen to it and enjoyed it. Was looking forward to Big Old Bug, as I loved that song especially on Zaireeka (which I’ve listened to a few times over the last however many years when I get the inclination to set it all up). Although this song in particular is a lot less impressive from one set of speakers. It’s such a great jumble of a song when it’s coming from four different cd players, sounds coming (or not coming) from various directions, that this version almost seems too pedestrian! :smiley:

  • listened to Zaireeka on the 4 CD setup
  • listened to Zaireeka on some sort of stereo mix
  • never listened to Zaireeka

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Won it on a radio giveaway. Never listened to it.

I remember during my student days when a couple of friends and I spent a night messing around with different set-ups for Zaireeka, eventually ending with the four disks in different rooms and moving between them and around the hallway for different experiences. The dog barking bit was really unnerving.

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I always really liked the idea of zaireeka, but never had the capacity to do it properly. Haven’t listened to a stereo mixdown version yet because it doesn’t feel ‘proper’, but I probably should eh?

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Had one glorious afternoon where two pals turned up with a discman and cheap speakers and one boombox; we had a disc in each of those, one in my dad’s swanky stereo, and one in the TV’s DVD player. Took some crazy gymnastics to get everything synced and playing at once, but have very fond memories of it and the scariness of the dogs barking.


For those interested, there’s a decent (unofficial) stereo downmix of Zaireeka you can find here:


strange that’s on bandcamp really

Yeah, bizarre that it’s been there for so long. Maybe the band don’t care much about mixdowns being available. They’re still with Warner Records so it’s weird that the label haven’t gotten it taken down.

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Thought they were with Bella Union now? Or is that just a UK thing?

Just UK as far as I know.