The football thread: The season is closed. Count how many times you hear that said.

Been looking at five-season net spends for something I’m writing. Thought the data was quite interesting, so here you go. All been checked.

  • Only two clubs made a (small) profit.
  • Everton actually have a fairly healthy net spend, contrary to public opinion.
  • City now have the 11th highest in the Premier League, so probably shouldn’t be challenging for the league at all really.
  • Villa, Spurs and West Ham blowing biiiig kippers.
  • Arsenal new biggest spenders in England.
  1. Arsenal -£449m
  2. United -£398m
  3. West Ham -£290m
  4. Spurs -£271m
  5. Villa -£265m
  6. Chelsea -£259m
  7. Newcastle -£253m
  8. Liverpool -£213m
  9. Wolves -£205m
  10. Fulham -£169m
  11. Man City -£168m
  12. Leeds -£126m
  13. Southampton -£108m
  14. Brighton -£105m
  15. Everton -£98m
  16. Leicester -£93m
  17. Forest -£93m
  18. Palace -£78m
  19. Bournemouth +£6m
  20. Brentford +£14m

Dream. Makers.
Record. Breakers.
Game. Changers.

Not my words, Andy, but those of a certain Robyn. Cowen.

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Excited to see who will bite first


Seinfeld Nightmare GIF by HULU


You won’t catch me comparing spurs and leicester’s net spends and trophies won and tagging in harru, no sir


Malta, Gibraltar, ooh I wanna Confy

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I’m waiting to see who will post the talk about net spend jpeg.

It’ll be me cause I’m impatient

Always disappointed he didn’t name his blog Keys to the World in reference to Richard Ashcroft’s 2006 album and song ‘Keys to the World’.

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Selling an excellent, versatile leftback to a top 4 rival for pennies whilst spending all summer trailing after some guy who’s had one decent season for Brighton before another top 4 rival gazzump us by virtue of simply paying the asking price a week before the season starts is some top, top brane geniusing, it must be said.

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Just as well you didn’t sell Nathan Ake.


Agreed, but I’ve just had a look at this definitely-not-Rodwell-vibes lad we’re meant to be in for from Anderlecht, and he actually looks pretty good.

Selling Zinchenko’s a bit of unecessary self-sabotage for me. Jesus and Sterling had to go because they were running out of contract, so irrespective of how they do £95m for them was good business, but Zinchenko was genuinely one of our best possession players, and he always looked absolutely thrilled to be here.

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How much of this do we need to watch?

All of it, it is the most important video you will see all year.


Absolutely lost it at:

‘I dunno, Thorpe Park’.


Pulisic is 23. How in the name of Christ could he have watched ‘a lot of Michael Owen’?

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I’ll settle for 17th

Good of Chukwuemeka to seek a move looking for more first team football and then sign for those famously generous with game time lads at Chelsea


got him more game time… in a bigger house etc etc

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Will take 20mil for a player who hasn’t ever done a 90 mins in the league. Cheers prof!