The forum album of the year discussion thread


Blah blah yadda yadda, all discussion of album of the year lists to go in this thread.


Nice work Probs! Thanks for doing this.


First year in ages it’s not only not been a struggle to think of five but I had to agonise over keeping some off as well so with that in mind here is a very self-indulgent post for my top five and the very nearly made-its:

#1. Noname- Telefone

Just a fucking beautiful piece of work. Lovely off-kilter beats, her technique and flow are fucking great and it’s lyrically a wonderfully personal, dark, important piece of work giving a woefully underrepresented perspective.


#2. Anderson Paak - Malibu

Was so confident this would be my number one until Noname came out. This would have been my favourite for at least 3 of the last 5 years though. He’s a fucking talented dude, multi-instrumentalist, singer and rapper. This record is just fucking joyous in places


#3. Isaiah Rashad - The Sun’s Tirade

Never really properly clicked with Cilvia Demo but this is a brilliant album, it’s dark and filled with anxiety and tension and is as cohesive a hip-hop album as you’d hope to hear. Some fucking great guest-spots as well.


#4. NAO - For All We Know

Just full of absolute bangers. Love the wonky-funk, really exaggerated high-production values sound and she’s got a voice that could easily be a bit irritating but matches the sound perfectly. I’m not a man that dances but this record is one of those rare occasions where I feel like I might want to.

Highlight (although not that representative of the record as a whole):

#5. A Tribe Called Quest - We Got It From Here… Thanks 4 Your Service

Can’t actually believe how good this is. A comeback album from an all-time legendary band who’ve been racked with fall-outs and reeling from the death of a member should now sound as cohesive and relevant as this does. The sound was a bit distancing at first withy vocals a bit hidden away but when it clicked it clicked in a big way. It sounds like how you’d expect them to sound if they never went away which is as big a compliment as you could give them.

Highlight: Whateva Will Be (can’t find a video)

#6. Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost

Fucking great fun with guitars. Been ages since a new album captured me in such a nostalgic way.


#7 Ravyn Lenae - Moon Shoes

She’s destined to become the go-to hook girl for some fucking great tracks IMO


#8 65daysofstatic - No Man’s Sky: Music For an Infinite Universe

The game was disappointing, the album was reliable as fuck from my “favourite band”


#9. Kendrick Lamar - Untitled/Unmastered

Kendrick’s throwaways are better than 99.9% of stuff that would be most artists best work

Highlight: untitled 05 09.21.2014. (Can’t find a video)

#10. The Hotelier - Goodness

A bit of a disappointment from Home, Like Noplace Is There but only because that album is one of my favourites of the decade. Less “emo” and more “grown-up” but I still enjoyed it.


Drowned in Sound's Albums of the Year 2016 - DiScussion Thread

lots of stuff i’ve liked this year but one of those years where there isn’t one really obvious stand out that’s a certain number 1. probably listened to FOTL the most as usual so that might make it


pretty strong year tbh- no space for Adult Jazz, Anna Meredith or Radiohead in mine, and they were all quality


Was going to list another 15 - 20 great albums that didn’t make the cut but who gives a fuck


Top 5 I listed seemed very random in the end, just tried to reflect the albums I’d listened to most during the year but could have been 5 from any 20 or maybe even more - no one album stood out but a huge amount to really love.


Here are some thoughts for anyone interested in my list.

  1. Hammock - Everything and Nothing
    Hammock have threatened to make something like this for 10 years but have generally leaned towards the more ambient side of their music. Here they hit a sweet spot where post-rock meets shoegaze meets ambient. It’s always beautiful, often euphoric, and also contains my song of the year.

  2. Second Woman - Second Woman
    I’m a sucker for glitchy IDM-y music like the Mille Plateaux used to churn out. Highly recommended for fans of that label, Raster Noton, SND, and Autechre.

  3. Shrine - Ordeal 26.04.86
    Marking the 30 year anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, this is a thunderously powerful drone album. Dark and oppressive, perfect for dark winter nights.

  4. Autechre - Elseq
    5 discs of Autechre being Autechre. Sounds like a best-of comprising entirely new music.

  5. Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid
    He’s dialled down the complexity a little bit, dialled up the introspection, and produced a very different hip-hop masterpiece to his last album. Lots of the lyrics leave me grinning like a big kid and the production is on point as ever.


I’d say from a quick unscientific scan through that Bowie and cave may be up there. And perhaps car seat headrest as the leftfield surprise package. Can’t see anyone running away with it like sun kil moon a couple of years ago.


Seems to be a lot of variety in the lists this year which is great. For me Bowie and Cave are miles ahead but there are another 15-20 great records with not much to chose between them. I suspect both this list and many other AOTY lists will reflect this


Really struggling with a definitive top five…

The top three is:

  1. David Bowie - Blackstar
  2. Angel Olsen - My Woman
  3. The Radio Dept - Running Out Of Love

Then its between the King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Julie Ruin, Mitski, Alex Cameron, Tortoise, Noname, Danny Brown and Leonard Cohen albums…


Field Music, Jenny Hval and Chance the rapper are all in with a shout too…


clear no.1 for me this year is Angel Olsen - Woman

other notables :
Teeth & Tongue - Give Up on Your Health
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree
Tyrannamen - s/t
Anderson Paak - Malibu
Bowie - Blackstar


What an absolute dogshit year for me. All that political turmoil and general rise of bawbaggery across the world, uncertainty at work and a few deaths in the family and friends family, worst of all being my own Grandad… seems only fitting that there’d be plenty of emo music in my list. Still, appreciate what we’ve got right?

  1. Departures - Death Touches Us From The Moment We Begin To Love

  2. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

  3. Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost

  4. Touche Amore - Stage Four

  5. Danny Brown - Attrocity Exhibition

  6. A Tribe Called Quest - We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service

  7. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree

  8. Explosions in the Sky - The Wilderness

  9. David Bowie - Blackstar

  10. The Hotelier - Goodness

  11. Bwana - Capsules Pride

  12. Rival Consoles - Night Melody

  13. Lucy Dacus - No Burden

  14. Beyonce - Lemonade

  15. Badbadnotgood - IV

  16. Solange - A Seat At The Table

  17. Holy Fuck - Congrats

  18. Preoccupations - Preoccupations

  19. Car Seat Headrest - Teens of Denial

  20. Skepta - Konnichiwa


I started writing a post here last week, but doesn’t look like I posted it. Agree with @bornin69x that this year’s poll looks a lot more diverse than last year’s. Don’t seem to be as many consistent choices at this point. I wonder whether it’s an indication of how many good album contenders there are this year or just isn’t no single, unifying frontrunner this time around?

For example, only one of my five nominations shared with anyone else so far (and I don’t think the other couple of albums I was considering that didn’t quite make the cut have any other nominations yet either). That’s the Hammock one which would be a more than worthy winner in my view - though I don’t think it will.

Underworld’s excellent record just missed out on my list. It was a tough one to cut, but had one stinker of a song on for me which helped whittle down my list to five. They released the ‘stinker’ as a single, so I guess the band themselves wouldn’t agree with me on that mind…

Couldn’t face either the Nick Cave or Bowie albums as they feel a bit close to home currently. I’m sure they’re very good and I’ll get to them at some point.

Looking forward to seeing what else I’ve missed when the final poll comes out. Already had a quick listen to some Noname who had passed me by and on first impressions is sounding good.


Great English you dick!


like i said above, lots of good ones this year but there was no one runaway winner and it was tough to pick 5 and put them in order. went semi-arbitrarily for this:

  1. Future of the Left - The Peace & Truce
  2. Goat - Requiem
  3. Exploded View - s/t
  4. David Bowie - Blackstar
  5. Holy Fuck - Congrats

honourable mentions: Radiohead, Nick Cave, Sea Pinks, Cate le Bon and The Altered Hours to name a few.


Good taste, sir.

My top 3 include Bowie, The Radio Dept. and Nick Cave but I can’t decide the order.
Angel Olsen is hovering around my top 10.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I haven’t really connected with Skeleton Tree in the same way I did with Push the Sky Away. What other albums are in your top ten?


I haven’t made my mind up completely but it’s something like:

  1. David Bowie - Blackstar
  2. The Radio. Dept - Running Out Of Love
  3. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree
  4. Frank Ocean - Blonde
  5. School of Seven Bells - SVIIB
  6. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool
  7. Solange - A Seat At The Table
  8. Autechre - elseq 1-5
  9. Hammock - Everything and Nothing
  10. Angel Olsen - My Woman

Swans, Pye Corner Audio, A Tribe Called Quest, Blood Orange, Leonard Cohen, Danny Brown, Ian William Craig, Bat For Lashes, Julianna Barwick, Exploded View, Underworld, Lorenzo Senni and Rival Consoles are all great too and one or two could come off subs bench and play a blinder in injury time.