The Friday Evening Thread is commencing

Evening all.
Just boarded.
Had a pizza at the CCA and 1.5 pints of Joker @blind_pilot
Get in after 10, no book to read.
Got the whole Twilight Sad discography to listen to though.

What yous up to then?

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Williams Bros?

I’m drinking Heineken…it’s not as good as I remember

should have bought red stripe, tastes better and was 40p cheaper

Off to the pub later for a few birthday beers. Should go and have a shower now I think.

I’m going to play some computer games until my neck hurts and then I’ll eat risotto cause of that thread. I’ve got access to someone’s Netflix again so I’ll watch something on there.

I’m working, but at least I’m in my dressing gown and I’m about to eat veggie hot dogs for dinner. Hope everyone’s having a decent evening


had pizza yesterday. having some kind of hot and spicy breaded chicken instead, sounds ok

got a coke zero cherry

not as good as pepsi max cherry / 10

I love coke zero vanilla so much, cherry a close second

Obvs now a DiS endorsed beer.


Fancied takeaway. Got some way too spicy salt and pepper chips and some deep fried cauliflower with katsu sauce. My mouth is on fire and I’ve undone all the hard work of exercising today. Bah.


That cauliflower sounds awesome!


Steak and chips for dinner.
Corrie on TV.

Doesn’t really get much better.

coke zero orange is my favourite. only seem to get it in those mad every flavour coke machines though, like the ones they have in five guys. never seen an actual bottle of it anywhere.

u ok hun?

Woah, orange? That sounds amazing.

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Still feeling really bummed out which is not really like me. Need to find something really nice to do tomorrow to cheer myself up.

I need to go to the timber yard tomorrow morning. Would it cheer you up if I livestreamed that so you could watch it?


Probably more cheerful to just do it for you?