The friday feeling thread 🎢

good morning. just getting my head straight after having had the most bizarre dream.

the weather sounds pretty rotten out there.

Alright CowCow

Just walking to work. Had a treat and gave myself a lie in. Listening to the new No Age. Is rather good this. Today might be the day I have a breakdown or something, we’ll see.

Morning. Nice day in the south west. Heading to the gym for morning spinning. Belly feeling large so need to exercise regularly . Rest of the day involves taking and transporting young people and supervising contacts McDonald’s

hi rich t

…don’t have a breakdown :grimacing:

hi losageless

oh for… i’m going to get a mcmuffin on the way to work now aren’t i

Just woken from my most common anxiety dream where I choose to go to a public event naked from the waist down then it slowly dawns on me while I’m there that everyone else is covered up down there.

This time it was at a sort of outdoor ‘spartan’ exercise event and they were providing everyone special pants for it. There I am, hauling myself up a rope, meat and potatoes dangling free below me when I notice everyone wearing these pants and one lonely pair lying unused on the ground.

Happy Friday everyone!


I’m gonna try not to, honest

That’s a mental image I’ll struggle to shift


You’re welcome!

hi aphextwinkletoes

i was also naked and my bits were shared on snapchat dot com without my permission

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hi tricklen

don’t leave it too late

Good morning.

I have the house to myself tonight. I’m excited.

No one ever mentions it in my dreams. But I know they’ve noticed. I can feel it in their gaze.

Found these two links on a BBC news page:



(Obviously here are the two stories to save you googling and


Morning all! Not sure why I’m awake really and now my brain is going a mile a minute with the ol’ anxiety. Not coping too well with having nothing to do all day. Having said that, yesterday was better. Applied for three jobs, made some good chilli, had a good day with the tv and finished six feet under (those last two or three episodes, where it’s Nate’s funeral etc are some of the best, most gruelling television I’ve ever seen. Wow. So today might be good too, you never know.

Wow, I never thought I’d see a ‘junk-cam’ picture but here we are.

Not sure my magic is working, sorry.

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hi epmimer

i’m excited for you!

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Morning cowcow and etc. Wearing a new dress today and I’ve only just realised it’s a tiny bit too short to be appropriate for work. Oh well. Should I get a pastry this morning? It feels like a pastry kind of day.

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If you drive to Dundee barefoot… you might as well go to the meat tomorrow.

But hope you’re OK obvss