The Friday night thread (pizza chat optional)

@shucks is also a handsome and kind man! :blush:


Hope you’ve finished work by now or if not, will soon! Sending you a virtual :cocktail:

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That wee face :heart_eyes:


If making a cheese and onion pasty would it be a good idea to line the pastry with some chilli jam?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No
  • Something about the sanctity of pasties

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Evening all!

Great morning at work was ruined by the release of our in-house exam papers at 1.00 which meant I was typing up complaints at 4.45. I normally work a couple of hours on Friday afternoon because I know I’ll be doing at least an hour on Sunday but never this much. I’m still irked.

Wor Lass and The Child had a big falling out on their way home which upset Wor Lass lots and will potentially make my home life something of a pain in the arse for the near future.

I made a kale and roasted veg salad with cous cous for tea. It was not pizza.

We might watch Spider-Man Far From Home tonight but I’m genuinely not sure if I’ve seen it already.

If not, definitely use the jam to dip into

Yeah I may have to do that as my wife’s putting the youngest to bed so I can’t ask her and she might be annoyed if I do it and she might be annoyed if I only do it in mine.

Suddenly glad I live alone

I’ve had a fajita craving for DAYS.

@Joke2000 You’re still doing great. If it makes you feel better I’ve been trying to be healthier but have faltered, especially today. I wouldnt beat yourself up about it, there’s always tomorrow :hugs:

Actually had a funny call from the drs: “your ecg results are in, they’re fine, but, uh, you weren’t meant to have one of those. I think I ticked the wrong box, sorry” lol.


You’ll burn your mouth on the jam. (Assuming you’ll eat them hot)

Bit fraught here. Cooking sausages, chips and beans for tea as we have no ingredients for a curry and no money for a takeaway. Got a nice lager on the go and probably going to go to bed early. Boring.


Classic. Very good tea. Sauce?

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Tomato as we have no brown

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Still decent!

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Thought I’d catch the end of last night’s Critical Role re-run and it’s so stressful :grimacing:

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Mix the jam into the cheese filling @anon29812515
Great idea :cheese::+1::yum:


:-1: Papa John’s order didn’t turn up cos the manager reckons the driver got lost
:+1: they’re sending out a fresh order and if the first one also turns out we get to keep both


me yesterday

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put jam in one and let her choose which one she wants

Good pizza, gracefully snarfed by me