The Friyay Happy Thread

Yes! I’ve never had the opportunity to make the daily thread before. If another one’s already been created by the time I’ve finished writing this, please destroy my work and bury me with dignity.

ANYWAY. New Animal Collective album’s out today so I’m going to head out during my lunch break and seek a physical copy like it’s 2007.



Off to the fringe this morning, have a train ticket with no reserved seat so look forward to that bunfight.


So stressed I feel like I might explode. Not going to go promising tomorrow, I can’t face it.

Going to try to spend my whole weekend with my head under the duvet.

I’ve tried meditation and ice cream and frankly I’m all out of ideas.

should obviously be “penoiding”, COME ON tablet

Phew, the alternative sounded a lot darker.

Big hugs eps


Just in my fave cafe near work having a monster flat white and pain au choc.
It’s all downhill after this

Protomartyr were good last night, though I wish I’d taken more than one photo with Joe after the interview

Really affable, likeable guy, very easy to talk to.

Had a few nights on the trot lately, so hoping tonight will be a low-key one, especially as I’m fringewards Sunday.


Hopefully this will help you destress a bit

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Quite enjoyed this idiot-bating article and am looking forward to the Facebook comments blowing up.

Massively can’t be arsed with work today. BUT the dog and I have an empty this weekend so we’re gonna go wild*.

@epimer How about getting up early tomorrow and going for a long drive to nowhere in particular? Good thinking time, long drives. Always helps me. Your mileage may vary though GUFFAW!!!

*watch a lot of Netflix and wallow in our own filth

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Had too many beers and the baby was quite upset last night, lots of crying. I’m zzzzzzz. Anyway, off to a wedding today where I’ll probably have too many beers again.

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I had a good night with water bottle girl last night, drank lots of wine

WFH today. Hopefully it will be a quiet one.


Morning all.

Off up North this weekend to see the folks. Feel like I really need it at this point, though my old man will inevitably have me drinking my own bodyweight in cider more than once which I could probably do without. But am also looking forward to. I’m…not smart.

Hope you’re all well.

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hello all

I’m going to see Gruff Rhys tonight

should be a quietish weekend apart from that, nothing really planned

Where bounce you heading?

Wifi is down in my office space, so I’m basically doing a 90 min round trip to sit in Costa for a couple of hours :muscle:
On the plus side, we put out an excellent EP by @TVDenimChap today.


Anytime I see either of my parents it’s a total retox. Mum gets the wine out. Dad always has beer in, then he gets the wine out, then after midnight he’ll get the whisky out because “I hardly ever see you.”


Driving up to sunny Barnsley straight after work. Where I’ll spend 90% of my time in my dad’s local and 10% of the time taking my mum out shopping for something her birthday.

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