The Friyay Happy Thread

They’re terrible influences, parents, aren’t they? My dad practically moved into the pub across the road from their house in 1988 so if I want to go see him that’s where he’ll be. And the one night I bought myself a J20 in there he almost disowned me.


Morning all,

Feels like summer again out there. Woo!

I’m looking forward to the new Anna Meredith LP coming in the post this weekend, as well as collecting some new glasses. There’s plans to see my old friend Cate tomorrow afternoon, who I haven’t seen in years, so that should be good too.

Good interview with her in the latest issue of Electronic Sound magazine. Looking forward to a listen.

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@83746725 is the Green Dragon actually a bit rough, or are people being a bit Cambridge about it? I’m trying to plan out what my local will be if this house stuff doesn’t go tits up.

I have replied to the wrong person. Good morning, @colossalhorse


I preordered on bandcamp and got a couple of the tracks early. One of them is a brilliant wonky Morricone-esque track which I love already. Really looking forward to the rest.


I have only been there a couple of times for a quick one whilst walking the dog over to fen ditton. It seemed mildly unwelcoming rather than outright rough; I’ve been to far scarier places.

Reviews don’t paint a great picture of the food/service.

Any others nearby?

Milton Arms (naaaah) and The Haymakers. Haven’t been there, but 'er indoors says it’s good.


Someone who works there (could be the owner/manager for all i know) has a great dog.

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Morning! I’m gonna take a wild, completely uninformed guess and say that the Green Dragon is perfectly a fine pub that just seems rough because it has thus far resisted being gentrified.

However I accept no responsibilty if you end up getting shanked in the gents.


Well that sounds unmissable.


Thank you for your input.

The local community centre looks bangin’ too.

Going to do so much Zumba.

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and you’re to blame
you give Cambridge a bad name


This sounds amazing.

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gonna phone for my blood test results soon.

Please wish me luck, even though luck is illogical and won’t effect the outcome


G’luck Bammers!


Good luck my sweet!

Got kids friends coming over so it’ll be all day playinf Fortnite and eating for them. The inane chatter of 9/10/11yr olds is quite something.

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Green Dragon: 4/10
Haymakers: 7+/10, they do fairly good pizza.

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Ariana Grande’s new album is out today!! Finally. Hitting it up on Spotify. It’s so much fun and immaculately produced :blush:


Bailed on the stag party last night. Got to the pub and went “Fuck this” and went to meet my brother, his best mate and my Dad instead. Was meant to go on a day trip to west Cork with the other wedding guests to go to a céilí but have bailed on that too.

Going to visit my Nan now and then chill out for the day. I fucking knew this wedding would be too much hassle and I’m glad I can step away from it for a day.