The Friyay Happy Thread

Good luck Bam!

My mum has become this, the moment I get in the house I’ll hear a cork popping or she’ll just appear with a glass of champagne for me. It’s amazing.

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just got a letter through saying they want a repeat, phoned them and they say my amylase levels are high so naturally I googled and am now convinced I have pancreatic cancer and only a year to live :frowning:

Why wouldn’t you?

My partner’s parents are the same. Every time we visit, as soon as we walk through the door her dad hands me a pint, and her mum’s offering me wine.

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MORNING I slept in again :roll_eyes:

Got a pretty busy weekend except for tonight :thinking: which is good. I think tonight I’ll just sit in my pants and play computer games. YES.


Meeting @aboynamedgoo for :pizza: at lunch

Cycling to Guildford tonight, and then onto Winchester tomorrow to see @rich-t + family

Riding home on Sunday

Anyone else want a plastic visit, please shout!


Someone commented on one of my videos

and all I can think is “Why don’t you get a job? Even Tarquin has a job…”.


Got a lot on today.

And then later getting the whole company together so we can present the new brand to them. Need to fine tune my inspirational speech. :slight_smile:

Old doubleespressos bday today innit

Been jiu-jitsu training, now going gym to squat, then spending the rest of the day eating and drinking.



hb de! x


I would! DETOUR


I’m going to go to H&B after :pizza: to get some cycling snacks in your honour :muscle:

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Happy birthday :coffee::coffee:

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It’s wrong to covet a jacket just because it reminds you of a rainbow brite soft play bag you once had, right?


Nope, I’m seriously considering buying a certain t-shirt because it reminds me of the patterns you used to get on bowling alley carpets.

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Pfft, furnishings from trains, planes… bowling alleys have some of the finest patterns!

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hb! will have a double espresso in your honour after lunch


That sounds ideal for @Epimer.

Just… 3… more… hours