'The Funeral Murders'

Did anyone what this documentary on BBC 2 last night? I knew nothing about these incidents. Shocking stuff. Great documentary though.

Recorded it so will probably watch it this week. Remember seeing the Corporal Killings footage before, crazy stuff.

A really impressive documentary.

You get the feeling that if you scratched the surface, it could all come bubbling up again.

Name makes it sound like a lazy police comedy tho

“There’s been a murder… AT A FUNERAL” look to camera

DiS film club double bill.

Very true.

Peace deals may have been signed, handshakes exchanged, but the root causes of the conflict have never been addressed and are still there. I was lucky enough to go out to Bosnia 6 years ago and, despite the years that have past since the ceasefire in '95, the simmering tension is still there. The issues of ethnicity and nationalism are still there. I was told multiple times that, if UN peacekeepers were to pull out today, the war would start again tomorrow.

Great documentary though. I didn’t realise that the 3 events - Gibraltar, the Michael Stone attack and the killing of the two soldiers - were interconnected. Terrible times. I hope they don’t come back.

watched the first half on the train this morning - fascinating stuff.

i wish i knew more about ireland - i always try to be as well informed as possible on it but feel like i’ve barely scratched the surface. does anyone know any good books? I guess about the troubles in particular but the history leading up to that is probably what i know less about.

this somehow got more crazy in the second half