The Future of AQOS


I’ve loved doing AQOS for the past five weeks. However, my work schedule now means that if it’s to continue I can only do the results at the weekend or the evenings.

I could continue to do this indefinitely with the odd week off here and there, it’s nice and easy thanks to the excellent work of @boothyfearssatan and his amazing spreadsheet skills.

But, it’s up to you. Are you happy with evening/weekend results for the time being (or spread the results out over a whole day), or should we see if anyone else wants to take over?

Anon poll

  • continue it’s fine
  • give it up jook it’s not the same when it isn’t on a friday afternoon

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if the former option wins then we can discuss scheduling xx

happy geography week btw

should say if we continue with thurs evenings then i could alternate, one week at 6pm, the next at 8pm etc so everyone gets a chance to join in

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If anything I prefer the evening as otherwise I am at work.


Did I miss today’s AQOS or do they happen on a Friday?

you missed it

i did mention the change of time nine or ten times tbf

yeah was quite nice not to be worrying about all the work i wasn’t doing this week

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Whoops. I was asleep

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One thing I’d say is that I reckon the quiz benefits from not being on all the time. More exciting when it’s a big treat.

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aight the poll seems to be heading in one direction, lovely

but if there’s anyone that has a burning desire to take over, do DM me and boothy, i’m not gonna cling to its lifeless corpse or anything

  • do it weekly
  • do it fornightly
  • do it monthly

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happy to do it weekly, only problem is thinking up good questions

Quite like the idea of an occasional guest host but you 2 have a very solid system and it’s been enjoyable so please continue imo


I love you Joke. I’d like to smooch you.


I’d be well up for weekly AQOS but don’t want to put too much pressure on you guys

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I love you too and I firmly believe that one day we will smooch


it’s not like it was now it’s mostly automated (from my end anyway, no idea how much time this actually takes boothy)

It’s gonna be different when the world is back to normal I’m sure, but weekly wouldn’t be a problem for now

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don’t really mind

pretty much just sitting in my house most of the time these days anyways


Any aqos is good aqos


all work and no quiz makes @AQOS a dull boy


Aight let’s move to fortnightly

Week off next week, back with the questions for SHAMBLES VI in a few days x