The Gardening thread of 2019

I couldn’t find last year’s thread so thought I’d start a new one

How’s your garden coming along this year?

Last weekend I painted the fences and a wall and it’s looking quite smart.

Today I finally bought myself a monkey puzzle tree and a nice big pot for it to contain it. I’m well pleased with it.


Also planted some flowers in the hanging baskets.

We’ve got a load of veg seedlings to plant out during the week. Got some aubergines and courgettes this year. I’m not bothering with pumpkins and marrows this year as while they were impressive they just took over.

Hows everyone getting on?


Nice. I like a gardening thread.

Chopped a load of stuff over Easter and planted up my pots. Got some veg and flower seeds to start up, need to get one of those mini greenhouses first.

Moved my hydrangea last year as it was in a pot and struggling a bit, looks alive but not happy.

Will take some photo next time I am out.

Did a load of dandelion weeding today, they had gone wild out the front…worst job ever. Had nettles as well!

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Looking good. Have been putting a bit of time into the garden when I have it. Have actually planted some actual plants after about 2 years of nothing. Just finished making 3 more planters for the other side.
Next job is sort out area under climbing frame, which is out of shot.


That looks great. I was looking at getting as some gravel and border edging today.

I’m tempted to get some Woodblocx but it’s really expensive.

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The erysimum I bought last year is out and looking good at the moment

The rest of the balcony is just mad stuff in pots waiting to happen, can’t remember what half of it is, which will hopefully make for some nice surprises

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your wisteria is looking lovely.


Your place backs directly onto a cricket field? :exploding_head:

The guy who cuts the grass has done his first visit.

(We have a garden frontage with a lawn that’s big enough to need cutting with more than just a bodge job with a strimmer, but too small to justify buying a mower for, and we’d have nowhere to store it if we did. The rest of it is minimal to no maintenance. Would like to introduce some bird-attracting bits and bobs.)

Yep, the cricket ground in Hove.

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Lovely stuff.

Ever had a ball end up on yer balcony?

really want a garden of my own. need to get out in the garden and help my mum so she can teach me what to do.

thinking of buying a house plant to keep at my boyfriend’s as i bought this plant pot a while ago and haven’t put anything in it


however i’m a bit wary about leaving the plant in his care when i’m not there. his only experience of plant ownership is when he orders fresh herbs in his online shopping and they get substituted for a live plant, and he hasn’t managed to keep any of those alive for more than about a fortnight.

This was my main concern on moving in, literally never even come close though. The main disruption is from fading pop stars that play concerts every summer and scare off my sweet peas.

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The veg is planted.

Potatoes, broccoli, sprouts, carrots, onions, peppers, aubergines, lettuce, courgettes, beetroots and tomatoes.

I’m planning on building a bigger raised bed next year.

Also got some strawberries and plants out the front.


Not done yet.


Not mucking about, there. Fair play.

Growing veg at scale there - very impressive

Postman’s favourite delivery stop this year then.

Good point that.

You’re probably OK with strawberries I’d say. We used to have raspberry canes on our front path back when we lived in Crystal Palace and we’d notice him snaffling a cheeky one every now and again. But with strawberries the evidence is a bit more damning and the fruiting a bit more sparse so I’d expect them to be a bit more cagey :slight_smile:

The next stage is to turn the patio into a nice courtyard style area.

I brought some new pots, but realised I probably should have jetwashed the floor and painted the walls first. The long term plan is to break up the horrible concrete and put down some nice slabs. But that won’t be this year.

Currently it looks like this.

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Concrete or slabs it’ll look a lot better with some planters. Do you get much sun in there?