The gates of oblivion Monday thread

How’s your week looking?

Gonna suplex anyone in work today?

I’ve spent twelves hours sweating and not sleeping so have a wonderful day of blurred vision and hoping I don’t die ahead. Tell me your favourite gate of oblivion.


Need to mention that I won’t be able to work Thursday and hope that it’ll be remembered by Wednesday

Finnish colleague brought these back for me HELL YES


Again: it’s total, total bullshit that I need to go into the office today when I’ve got students to mentor, plants to cultivate, and a voluptuous professor to seduce.

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Groggy and grumpy that I need to go into the office

But today is my Thursday so that’s good

Got a love life dilemma on the go, my head’s all over the place

Ahhhhh, today’s my Friday, and I’m off for the rest of the week.

No, I didn’t just work all weekend


It’s been a depressing Monday already. I failed the hazard driving test so I’ve had to spend another $38 or something on a new one next week. Unlike the learner’s permit test, there aren’t really official practice ones too, although I did find a site with a bunch that helped me get some preparation for how it would work. I sort of get the point here but it doesn’t help that you’re given everything at VHS resolution so it’s hard to spot things in the distance. Oh well. We’ll see.

Went to bed at 9:30. Still tired!


Where on earth are you that you just have sack-a-jacks lying in your bed?

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Was gonna go for a run before work but BBC reckons it’s raining

Haven’t actually looked outside but I’m sure it’s for my own good


Got work in a minute, going to stop by my sister’s house on the way and drop her birthday presents off. Really cba today, I’ll level with you.


Feel surprisingly ok at the moment considering I stayed up too late but I had a lovely time staying up late drawing with my new paint markers/listening to the new Florist album and various awesome Finnish stuff/having a nice chat with @incandenza.

Would quite like to go out today but the various low-cost options are all unappealing because of the forecast for unrelenting sun. Have to save the £ for venturing into the West End on Thursday :scream: (R wants to go to ‘grandad’s shop’, so Oxford Street).

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Had a bit of a lie in.

3 day week. Sister and kids visiting from Thurs


I’ve just had some Victoria sponge for breakfast and it’s had much the same effect :frowning:


Fucking love one, thanks Kermo, you’re the best. Sugar and a splash o’ the ol’ milk please.

Because you’re a hero. You had to do it because nobody else would. Thank you for your service.


Morning ruffers, all.

I’m in charge this week!!!

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Probably the og one at kvatch