The gates of oblivion Monday thread

Oh god I’m so tired. Felt pretty ok at the weekend but the baby reverted to sleeping in 2 hour blocks last night which means being wrenched out of each sleep cycle :sleeping:

En route to work. Listening to 80s bangers. Currently Only You by Yazoo. I’m wearing one of my fave perfumes and my fave pair of socks to try and lessen the Mondays.

May I suggest

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I’m driving back to Glasgow today so my chosen gate is the Scottish border (actually the opposite of oblivion - gate of salvation?)

The Child needs to be back in a structured environment. She’s kicking off at tiny things and my parents are doing the classic grandparent thing of happily rewarding that behaviour with sugar.

Today is also my Thursday, not sure what I’m going to do with my afternoons now the tour has finished. Prolly just make cups of tea and slag off salt and vinegar crisps (ugh)

Just saw @xylo’s Scottish doppelgänger, complete with Lululemon bag.

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spilled lasagne down my shirt

I’m not even eating lasagne


Morning all.

In case anyone is wondering it turns out Google doesn’t work in dreams. I couldn’t remember who did that song Too Shy - dream Google informed me it was Boy George when it was in fact Kajagoogoo. Also it said that Boy George was making millions selling pressed oils these days which does not appear to be true.

Look, I know that wasn’t very interesting but it’s all I’ve got.

I hope you’re all well.

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Got to go to Bath to buy the kids some clothes, hopefully will have some good lunch out and all.

Might hang my new curtain at some point.



Meetings all bloody week isn’t it.

Only working today and tomorrow this week. Last 5 days as an unmarried person. Can everyone send good weather vibes for Manchester on Saturday please


:sun_with_face: :sunny:

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Good fucking lord I am hungover.

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Snack a Jack’s are not crisps!


who can really know what a crisp is or isn’t

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Me. I know.
And snack a Jack’s are definitely not.

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me. snack a jack = not a crisp

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they’re fucking rice cakes.


they’re fucking shite is what they are