The general all-purpose Mark Kozelek thread?


new double LP.


koz interview with conor oberst:


Track 3, fucking hell!


Plug-in not supported. FML.


I was all prepared to be snarky here, but actually this track is pretty nice.


looks at watch

Jesus this song is long…




It was pretty tough to digest this in one sitting but I’m glad I did. Overall it’s quite bewildering but there are some oddly brilliant moments. Couldn’t take the ‘lyrics’ very seriously at all but the arrangements were quite cool.


this is one of the most bewildering albums i’ve ever heard. thought universal themes was the extreme conclusion of this stream-of-consciousness stuff but it feels pretty tame in comparison

probably more words on this thing than a lot of artists with 20 year careers


I lost count how many times he mentions Muhammad Ali but other than that I can’t recall half the stuff he was banging on…


Ian Cohen’s write-up is worth reading, seems like he’s the best on mad recent outsider Kozelek. His Benji review was the best I read… Still wanna read his pulled Universal Themes review. Gets across just how completely weird this thing is.


Borderline unlistenable. Sad!


I know he’s very easy to parody now but I think this record is amazing, probably the best I’ve heard for a couple of years. Really great songs.


Hate it.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s had such a good career that i don’t begrudge him doing what he wants, but it’s literally just him listing stuff. Needs to stop listening to so much rap music and get back to what he does best. Musically it’s not…bad, but lyrically it definitely is.

Not sure i’ve loved a studio LP he’s done since…‘April’, as great as the best bits of ‘Perils…’ are. Feels like i’ve spent the last few years listening to his live records…which are pretty fucking special admittedly.


9:45pm on Friday and I’m sitting with my wife and I stick the new Sun Kil Moon on. And we’re just chilling out and chatting a bit and I’m feeling pretty tired because it’s been a long week and then she turns to me and says:

Is this the guy from Red House Painters?
Is this the guy from Red House Painters?
and my wife says
Is this the guy from Red House Painters?

and in my mind I’m suddenly transported back to my student days. Making C90s for my friends and girlfriends and putting ‘Rollercoaster’ and ‘Grace Cathedral Park’ onto a lot of them, and more besides. And I think about how many of my old friends that i haven’t seen for 20 years still have these old bits of magnetic tape mouldering away in basements or attics maybe. I wonder if they ever think of me still.

and my wife says
Is this the guy from Red House Painters?
Is this the guy from Red House Painters?
and my wife says
Is this the guy from Red House Painters?

And I say I’m pretty tired and we’ll go to bed soon and she says sure as soon as the album finishes. And now its 1am and I’m so tired I can barely see and Mark is still telling me some stuff about boxers and serial killers

and my wife says
Is this the guy from Red House Painters?
Is this the guy from Red House Painters?
Is this the guy from Red House Painters?
Is this the guy from Red House Painters?


I’ll be honest, I’d only heard a handful of songs by MK before Benji. Absolutely loved that record though and I thought Universal Themes was a decent follow up. Also went back and listened to Among the Leaves and Perils, both good records. Seen him 3 or 4 times since Benji too and at least a couple of those shows have been among the best I’ve been to.

However, I always felt this biographical/stream of thought style would get old pretty quickly and I approached this record with much less enthusiasm than I did UT or the Jesu collab (the latter didn’t really float my boat). There’s a few songs on here I’m enjoying though, the one about Portugal and the opener in particular, but nothing else stood out as that great on the first few plays. Some of the production is really weird too, the crowd noises on Bergen to Trondheim being a good example. I think it’ll be a few more weeks before I can digest it all and actually offer a solid opinion, that’s if I keep going with it.


You people are all crazy it’s the best record since benji which is probably the best record ever made by anyone.


I prefer half-a-dozen other Kozelek records to Benji, personally. April, Perils, Admiral Fell Promises are stronger. Quite a few of the live or covers records are far superior as well, especially Tiny Cities, 7 Songs, Biko, Drummer Boy, White Christmas.


april? really?

Perils is great though.


Perils is a fucking brilliant album.


Absolutely. It’s the perfect nightime album. Always find myself putting it on late or if i can’t sleep. The middle-ish of the record, Ceiling Gazing to By The Time That I Awoke is a pretty faultless run of songs.