The general all-purpose Mark Kozelek thread?


Pretty pleased to have picked that up


Me too. One of the all time greats IMO.


well I think to get the most out of it you have to not view it in the same way as conventional lyrics etc. Like I wouldn’t listen to a jazz record necessarily expecting tight concise melody and structures, just interesting little flavours coming in and out of view. To me there’s some great little touches on Common as Light like the title line in Chilli Lemon Peanuts, just kinda absurd and silly “So there I was, I read a part of the book of Jesus
Now I’m eating sunflower seeds and chili lemon peanuts”, the bleak stories from God Bless Ohio etc.


yeah I guess that was only really a couple of years ago anyway, how do you feel about Perils From The Sea? In my mind that’s kind of the perfect blend between his old and new styles.


Love it. But I see it more of an extension of Benji and not in the mold of his latter releases.


I struggle with that - I can’t help but focus on the words when there’s so many of them and they’re always front and centre in the mix. I think Kozalek’s always been a plaintive, straight forward kind of lyricist, a style which benefits from brevity. If you’re gonna do lengtht stream of consiousness stuff you need to have enough wit or shaggy dog wisdom to carry the day. Which Kozalek does have now and again, but not nearly enough to warrant the ceaseless barrage of verbiage for me.

Imho obvs. Genuinely wish I heard it the same way you do Bam.


Now we begin the whine for the other SKM albums :grinning::nerd_face:


No one could accuse me or Ariel Pink of ever being boring

Mark, I listened to CALALARVOB and I would beg to disagree


Heh, what’s this from?


new song D:


Oh the whole album’s streaming. Actually semi-hopeful for this one:


This is basically the laziest music ever and he’s not saying anything he hasn’t already said multiple times over the last few years but it’s still weirdly comforting.

My Love For You Is Undying is really really nice


anyone given this a try?

Interested to know if I’m the only one still putting up with his nonsense


I reckon it’s you and bam left


Nah im still up for a bit of Koz…just waiting for the CD to arrive


I’ll listen when it’s on spotify and I’m in the mood for some Mark. Not expecting to actually like it though :smiley:


it’s beautiful so far imo

just listening to ‘The Mark Kozelek Museum’ ( :’) ). sounds so good on a long May evening


haven’t really listened to this yet as I’ve been too absorbed in my latest project.

Will give it a special bath-time premiere tomorrow though.


oh my god, the verse about Ariel Pink

‘sake, dude :’’’)


This Is My Town, My Love For You Is Undyng, Weed Whacker and Banjo Song are my favourites

Early reaction is that it’s my favourite since Benji but I think with most of them I’ve really liked them the most in their immediacy, and given their repetitive instrumentals and diminishing impact in the narrative stream of consciousness style, most of them haven’t had a ton of replay value. In the end this probably won’t be massively different