The general all-purpose Mark Kozelek thread?


I can see that happening. but then there’ll be another one along soon enough, right, ahahaha

I really like the mood so far across the tracks (on ‘Weed Whacker’ rn). really fits my thoughtful balmy late-evening walk home.

the words seem to ramble a bit more gently than I was expecting. and there’s a strong element of self-deprecation to kind of undermine the now customary self-involved waffle. it’s much more palatable.


stop mentioning Spotify, Mark


ahhh… now I know what vibe I was getting from this at points


Any @moderators fancy renaming this to a general all-purpose Mark Kozelek thread?


ask and u shall receive!

Even if I’m not a mod.


The panera bread story on my love for you is undying is gold


this was a good one live too


Like the way he cracks up in it


10 years since April came out, and its a goddamn beautiful listen.


His best album…


April is lovely, but it’s not Ghosts of the Great Highway


I find they compliment each other, both bloody beautiful, Koz at his peak


Or any of the Red House Painters…


it’s no Benji

or Perils From The Sea

or the Jim White Ben Boye collab.


Top 5 imo:

  1. Benji
  2. Perils From The Sea
  3. Desertshore
  4. Ghosts Of The Great Highway
  5. Songs For A Blue Guitar


good shout.

I think the only thing he’s done that I don’t like much is Yellow Kitchen


Just listening now. Would be lovely to hear him sing again


I can’t think of anything less interesting than listening to a middle aged rich dude complaining about his life over and over on about 4 records but man, here i am again. The last track is seriously great. Rest of it is much better than the last SKM and the last one with Jesu.


April is miles above Benji



I remember April being incredibly drawn out and kind of plodding.