The general all-purpose Mark Kozelek thread?


Compared to his output now?!?!
Give blue orchids or lost verses another go


Nah its beautiful…Lost Verses, Moorestown, Unlit Hallway, Tonight in Bilbao…Benji has some great songs but also a load of shit (richard ramirez’s doubled tracked vocals are unbearable)


I don’t think there’s really much complaining in his music that isn’t kind of self-deprecating or ironic.


For me, April has three or four really beautiful songs on it but needless guitar solos and some mediocre stuff, whereas Benji is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard.


Really liking the new record obviously!

Weed Whacker is one of my favourites,love how it returns to the central lyric after drifting off for a while.

Banjo Song is really relaxing and beautiful with some funny turns of phrase.

Enjoying how he has still managed to find interesting ways to use his voice as sound effects/in interesting ways with his duck impression and satan voice on 666 post

My Love For You is Undying has some beautiful turns of phrase and a really nice sentiment.

Thanks for another great album Mark x


Just in case anyone missed it he’s back at the union chapel in october, which is great because fuck shepherd’s bush empire.


what’s wrong with shepherd’s bush empire?


Pretty sure one time I saw him he had a song complaining about Pokemon


It’s in Shepherds Bush


don’t know enough about London really, is it too posh or too poor?

Some old guy came up and asked if the person we were seeing was any good when I saw Mark there last year though so I’m going to say it’s a friendly place.


When I went to see the mountain goats there some kid came up to me and crushed my Nutella b-ready bar in my hand and ran off, disliked the place ever since


It’s too far from where I live (IN LONDON) is all. But I see other stories coming in thick n fast!

Anyway I thought you weren’t listening to him any more after he was horrid to Laura Snapes. (I don’t know why I remember this - I don’t just lurk here to take potshots, by the way. I must be unusual for round here) - I love RHPs and I love Jesu and I sort of like SKM. I love that first one on the last one with Jesu - I tingled all over at the punchline - but it only works once.

I stop short when he sings about giving out money to homeless people (that’s cool but telling everyone about your charity isn’t) and his going on about sleeping with prostitutes (or “hos” or whatever he calls them (Minor Victories ref there)). I don’t take that as self-deprecating or ironic cool. Maybe it’s just me.


I don’t know that track.

I did stop listening for a few months, I guess the line is different for everyone but I believe he seems a good person who is also arrogant and overplays the fact that he’s a straight-talking guy from Ohio. Seems like he has had a difficult relationship with his family and hometown.

I think the extreme autobiographical style is just his thing now so you’re either going to be interested in that or not, for me it’s interesting maybe because I don’t get out and do much so it’s nice just to hear about what he’s been up to, how his cats/gf/house is getting on.

I don’t know the line you are referring to there doesn’t sound great though


also I don’t think most people here lurk to take pot shots so don’t worry :slight_smile:


Don’t they? Ha ha. Not worried, been on here donkeys years just not very prolific.

So he does a song on Minor Victories album with Rachel Goswell about how they’ve known each other for years and had some attraction and it’s actually very sweet (and has one his great banal recollections - about people taking the piss out of his washing but remembers she stuck up for him - that sounds really honest and human) and then says after they left he had some stuffed peppers and slept with “some ho” and it’s always annoyed me. Great song tho.


Called “for you always” can’t easily find a link xx


It’s hard to see anything when you’re on the floor unless you’re a lot taller than I am.


Ian Cohen’s always worth reading on Koz:


…aaaaand I’m out.


:smiley: I love stuff like this. It’s nice to still be surprised or amused by music after all these years