The general all-purpose Mark Kozelek thread?


I get a little sad when Koz releases albums now. I know if I listened to it I would have a bad time but I so want to enjoy his work again.

Ah well. I’m glad you’re enjoying it anyways Bam.

For the record it goes:



I have absolutely no idea where any of these songs will be 20 seconds from now, which is how it holds my attention constantly, in contrast to the times I find myself zoning out during traditionally-structured three-minute songs that attempt to be memorable. It’s a quality that Benji had to an extreme degree, so why does it feel like “Young Riddick Bowe” will suffer the same fate as “Philadelphia Cop,” “Butch Lullaby,” “Needles Disney World” and the other songs from 2017 that seemed equally revelatory at the time and forgotten by the time he released his next project?

This is what I was getting at upthread and puts it better. These releases don’t have a lot of longevity but does that really matter? Seems futile to compare it to Ghosts Of The Great Highway (and generally any kind of traditional “song”) when it’s just a totally different thing. Being captivated for a few weeks is perfectly fine in itself, and all the better when he’s so prolific


Red House Painters stuff > Ghosts > April > Benji >>>>>> everything else


Listened through this once and pleasantly surprised. Even the Ariel Pink/Bowie stuff isn’t as off putting as I feared. It’s still a bit “say what you see” lyrics wise but that’s okay. I suspect this will be getting a lot more play than the last few albums he’s put out.

My top 5 (no particular order as changes all the time)

Ghosts Of The Great Highway
Admiral Fell Promises


this is exactly how I feel really, it’s like a podcast in music form to me really.


weirdly though I’m quite looking forward to re-listening to stuff like this and common as light in 10+ years time to see what might have changed/what seems reassuringly or disturbingly the same in day to day life, world affairs etc.


that’s an outlier :smiley: I thought that bit was ridiculous, and not in a good way.

but believe me, there is a lot to love about this album.


just read this myself. really good review. I was expecting something much more dismissive.


Yay someone else rates Admiral Fell Promises! Love that record: it feels very slight in some ways but there’s something about the guitar sound that I love.


I was a bit amazed no one had mentioned it yet. AFP is great!


Since we’re doing this

  1. Ghosts
  2. Benji
  3. AFP
  4. The Mark Kozelek/Jimmy Lavalle Collab
  5. April


Admiral Fell Promises is the one I know the least tbh. I like Alesund a lot, should go back and listen to the rest more often


As someone said earlier in the thread, i just wish he would sing again. I’ve not started on the new album yet (always daunting) and I’m sure that I will get some enjoyment from it but it’s just not the same. ‘Have You Forgotten’ was played on 6music the other day and I just thought come on fella start singing again.


Maybe he just can’t, some people lose their voice with age


Seemed fine when he did Mistress on US tv a couple years ago


Hopefully not.
Will have to make do with The Amazing instead, basically a RHP tribute band but performing other songs…


I wish he’d stop just reading his diaries aloud, but this is a lovely track…



Here’s ya fuckin dinner!


Trying to work out if this is a live album or what.
He’s already done two studio version of Rock N Roll singer on the Rock N Roll Singer EP and What’s Next To The Moon respectively.