The general all-purpose Mark Kozelek thread?


He was on really good form in Manchester tonight. Mostly off his S/T and new songs, but Caroline was a nice surprise and he told some really funny stories too. Replacing Panera Bread with Greggs in the lyrics was a nice touch

Piano and guitar worked really well, thought Ben Boye was particularly good. Just as good as any of the times I saw him touring Benji/Universal Themes even if I didn’t like the material as much.


Totally agree, having lived with thiis for a few months. Best for quite awhile.

He has a track on the new Donny McCaslin album.


This Is My Dinner (website lacking the usual stream) :

Latest album interview. The “for some reason” interview this time is Aidan Gillen:

First listen. Usual style, as rambly as ever. Instrumentation sounds loose, production gives it a live feel.


Six of the ten songs are over nine minutes (of course)


listened once so far. I like it :man_shrugging:


Liked the opener, cracked me up



wonderful couple of lines about cyclists in Scandinavia


which of his last 10 albums is this in reference to??


the new one


only messin’!

I’ve only listened on speaker so far so missed most of the lyrics tbh, gonna take it for an autumn walk in my headphones at some point soon


Unexpectedly actually really liked the David Cassidy-Come On Get Happy one-two.

Live feel really suits him. Like the instrumentation and production a lot. As with most recent releases I can’t imagine there’ll be a lot of replay value, but I’m enjoying it for now.


It’s his best album since “That Was My Breakfast”


Couple of particularly bleak minutes where he describes rushing home to see his dying cat in its final moments


What a buzzard interview. Who knew ‘yellow kitchen’ was a concept album about a colonoscopy


Maybe he mentions it in the itnerview (haven’t read it yet) but I remember reading an interview with Aidan where he said ‘April’ was his favourite album.


Two listens in. Really good when it changes the pace up, but most of the slower tracks drag. Especially once you’ve heard the narrative ramblings once already.

Still, find him more compelling and comforting than anyone else making music at the moment.


Reckon you build up a kind of rich narrative of his life after a while even if it is all fairly banal details, sort of like a podcast you listen to often.

Hopefully he has many fruitful years left in him but when he eventually passes away it’s going to be a strange experience listening to some of these records. Benji already feels like it was a decade ago to me


Norman Records loving the new one as per…


That’s a beauty of a final para


Album cover art is really nice. Obviously won’t ever listen to it but still