The general all-purpose Mark Kozelek thread?


yeah I guess listening to music is a really complex and layered experience which is why everyone should just embrace what they like :slight_smile:


first couple of times you hear an album you’re listening to the music then after that you are visiting the atmosphere of listening to the music


We love on entirely different planets.


Live! LIVE!


I fully agree, but OTOH I think he nailed this on something like Richard Ramirez. For me some of his stuff since then is cool, but I’d prefer less of it/shorter songs.


For anyone’s that’s completely burnt out on him after Benji, I made a playlist, with one song each from the 10 (!) releases he’s done since - not including spoken word thing and christmas album - to show there’s some alright stuff amongst all the rambling


so so good


Linda Blair is really good musically tbf.


Yeah I really like the backing on This Is My Dinner too. Could easily be a GOTGH/April song with singing in place of talking.

Concur with a lot of the comments above, the humour throughout is really welcome… This is probably my favourite post-Benji effort.


Harsh…but very fair review on PF today.


surely it can’t be that bad


I really enjoyed it live, probably won’t listen to the album though


It’s a good album but because he sings about his dick and is intentionally out of tune in places pitchfork don’t like it I guess.


He’s just pissed off enough journalists, been enough of a dick and burnt enough bridges to knock off a couple of points.

It’s probably more like a 5.5.


for me it’s an 8.

Probably the best new album I’ve heard this year, out of his other one and the Low album I didn’t like.


Are those the only 3 albums you’ve listened to this year? And one of them you didn’t like?


I think so?

Not sure any other music has come out this year that I would like


oh apart from DiS State releases which have been good! Maybe @McGarnagle’s album Collapsule is my fav of 2018 actually.


2.8 is maybe a little harsh as a score but it’s hard to disagree with much of the review itself. Think he sums up nicely why the autobiographical stuff worked well on Benji but not so well now. Also this bit is spot on:

‘He tells us about the time a promoter called him indie rock’s Wilt Chamberlain, the basketball star who claims to have slept with 20,000 women. He tries to dazzle with bygone tales of all the ménages à trois he’s had in Copenhagen and how he just doesn’t need them anymore. He vividly recounts escaping down frigid Oslo streets after a fan’s boyfriend caught her giving him a handjob and sucking his thumb. “When you’re in your 20s, in my opinion, nothing should be off limits,” Kozelek, 51, sings. Listening to This Is My Dinner is like going to a 25-year-high-school reunion and sitting beside the sad, divorced, and bloated former jock who tells you a dozen times about his game-winning touchdown at homecoming, then winks every time a pretty classmate walks by.’

Ouch :slight_smile:


Fucking nailed it tbh