The general all-purpose Mark Kozelek thread?


or benji


Ghosts of the Great Highway


or Benji


Another vote for Benji!


or Ghosts of the Great Highway


Or Benji


I think what we are all trying to say is that @pinkybrain should start with this upcoming EP and work his way back through the entire catalogue


Please somebody write a MK lyric about the entire content of this thread including Scagden’s lyric about chilling out with his wife.


New Jesu collab LP stream;


Red House Painters




Jesu(s), I’m still trying to digest Common As Light… and he already has another album out.

Hope the new collaboration is more in the vein of the later tracks of the Sun Kil Moon & Jesu album and not the unlistenable first three.


still haven’t listened to this, yet. ‘Universal Themes’ had some really nice stuff on it, but, yeah. bit daunted. maybe I’ll really like it though, idk.

I loved the last four tracks on the first Jesu collab, and think they’re right up there with the best he’s ever done. like, every time I put on ‘Beautiful You’, I can’t help repeating it over and over again. if it’s as inspired as those tracks, it’ll end up on of my all-time favourites.


Unlistenable first three AND “Sally” with those shitty guitar tones


Weirdly those three and Sally are probably my favourites on the album. Feel like the collaboration has it’s own identity and is challenging Koz with that instrumentation pushing his vox to new places. Like the Desertshore and Lavalle collabs have their own character.

The mellower tracks are nice enough but feel like watered down versions of what he’s done better on SKM albums, before and since.

Only halfway through this new one but I miss those “shitty” guitar tones tbh. Doesn’t feel like a necessary addition to an already-stretched style. Will give it more time though.


Oh God yeah, I forgot about Sally. Those four songs are pretty much indistinguishable to me - overly long, chugging sludgey dirges with largely indecipherable lyrics and horrible guitar tones.

I kinda feel the opposite to @nestor that the rest of the album has a really well defined identity and I love that blending of beats, keys and mellower guitars. Last Night I Rocked The Room…, America’s Most Wanted… & Beautiful You for example are some of his finest works in this recent style of his I think.


No love for Exodus?


Lots of love for Exodus - heartwrenching, but great. That hypnotic piano line! “For all bereaved parents, I send you my love” must be the weirdest attempt at a crowd singalong refrain that any band has ever attempted though…

Essentially those four songs noted above aside I think the rest of the album is utterly brilliant.


Yep he absolutely doesn’t need to do anymore albums that sound like this. The barrel is dry