The general all-purpose Mark Kozelek thread?





he’s gone full outsider / wesley willis.

probably wont listen again tbh


Yeah its a fucking travesty. Had high hopes after that surprisingly good second Jesu collaboration last month.


Subthread- when did you lose patience with Mark Kozelek?

Actually for me it was the second Jesu collaboration, found it totally unlistenable after having really enjoyed the first one


Last full length, I’d lost patience after among the leaves too mind


Lost patience by Among The Leaves. Then absolutely adored Benji…still my favorite SKM album. Lost patience by Common as Light because its fucking terrible and he’s becoming even more of a complete prick.


Aye, nailed it


I found common interesting on a long walk where it felt like listening to a podcast of short stories but all subsequent listens have been intolerable


what’s wrong with Common As Light?

Easily the best album I’ve heard all year.


See this is what I find so interesting: there’s a dividing line I think in tolerating and enjoying his recent stuff and I LOVED common as light but I Loathed the second Jesu collaboration but I can see why people might draw the line at a different place and lose patience earlier or later.

Not sure if that makes any sense, but I know what I mean


seems strange to lose patience, the style has been pretty much the same since universal themes. All of it is great as far as I’m concerned.


Have you heard Yellow Kitchen yet? Prepare to change your mind…


Probably this EP thing, fully.

Fully onboard with and loved everything up to and including Universal Themes but as he’s pushed it further to more ridiculous degrees, the less I’ve been on board. Mad that at the time UT with ultra-narrative/spoken-word Birds of Flims, It’s My First Day… etc seemed like the extreme conclusion of this style but feel comparatively conventional now.

I actually found Common As Light a really interesting listen at the time, but I agree fully with the post upthread about listening to it like a podcast or something. Very little replay value, although I think there’s still lots of character in it, with the good and bad that entails.

Jesu II I’ve barely given a go but it’s not unlistenable, and nice enough really. Just felt like for the first time he wasn’t going anywhere new or interesting with it.


I listened to about half of it, I like it. Don’t get the problem.






Couldn’t agree more. Although I do enjoy the one about Portugal on the new’un. .


I had a dip into this album the other day. really liked what I listened to. no doubt he’s not very likeable as a person these days, but it all appeals to me as a challenging take on something that used to be easy to love. DIFFICULT ART MUSIC.


Meant to say earlier as well, love the use of the word “travesty” to describe a shit album