The general all-purpose Mark Kozelek thread?


Seems pretty likeable with a good sense of humour about himself.


he seems quite grumpy and self-centred these days, imho. but I still like his music.


I always find he comes across really well live - he’s got a great sense of humour. No doubt he’s a bit of difficult character but he’s certainly not the ogre some like to make out.



Wish he’d make more of the music i like listening to and less of the music he enjoys recording.


oh god


Is that 4 albums and an EP already this year :smiley:


Yep. It’s all getting a bit much isn’t it.


He’s trying to piss all over King Gizzard’s target for 2017!


Little more interesting than the last EP.

Half-decent as a bit of antifolk or whatever. Given up applying the standards of his other stuff (& conventional music) to what hes doing now tbh



You can’t fault the guy’s work ethic, that’s for damn sure.

The music however…


Woke up a week or two back after a piss up to find i’d bought tickets to the shepherd’s bush show.


nope, can’t fault that either.


Up to and including Benji you’d be 100% right.

Ever since then… yeeesh. Don’t think I’ve fallen off of a guys music as hard before but he’s really lost the midas touch and replaced it with hands covered in slurry.


I sometimes think he’s the only person making interesting music that I know of.


Aint nothing interesting about his latest output, other than his ability to come across an asshole.


Universal Themes was great! New one has a few decent tracks on. Being honest I haven’t really explored much of the random records he’s put out with others over the past 18 months.


well to me he is funny in a dry way, very descriptive and honest, not afraid to sound like a dick. Might as well have someone exploring the banalities of life and how strangely obsessed we all are with little details in our own lives and petty arguments.


the jesu collab records contain two of his best ever songs: